1/  Original Version                           (Carson,Fier,Laswell)         4.52
      (Mixed by Bruce Calder)
  2/  Exuberance Is Beauty mix                   (Carson,Fier,Laswell)         15.57
      (Additional production and mix by Bill Laswell)
  3/  P.W.O.G.'s Dizzy Drift mix                 (Carson,Fier,Laswell)         8.20
      (Additional production and mix by Tim Freeman & Warriors Ov Gaia)
  4/  Adam Peters mix                            (Carson,Fier,Laswell)         5.40
      (Additional production and mix by Adam Peters)
  5/  Purified Radio Edit/Original Version       (Carson,Fier,Laswell)         4.52
      (Digital Editing by Matt Stein)

          Recorded and mixed at Greenpoint Studio January-June, 1993
          Recorded by Bruce Calder, Matt Stein and Oz Fritz
          Produced by Anton Fier
          Digital Editing: Matt Stein
          Mastered by Howie Weinberg at Masterdisk, NYC
Anton Fier: drums, programming, percussion, beats, loops; Bill Laswell: bass; Lori Carson: voices; Bootsy Collins: guitar; Nicky Skopelitis: guitar; Bernie Worrell: Hammond organ; Matt Stein: programming, loops, effects; Amanda Kramer: keyboards.

          1993 - Restless (USA), 7 72749-2 (CD)
Note: The original version can be found on the album 'This Is How It Feels'.


Prison of the Rhythm - The Remixes is one of those peripheral items sometimes associated with bands. A glorified single and perhaps a bonus prize for interested fans, remix EPs often offer nothing more than a shiny coaster and novelty interest. In the case of The Golden Palominos remix of "Prison of the Rhythm" from This is How It Feels, the remixed songs are a bit more interesting, considering the production talent behind the remixing process. But at the same time, it is hardly a required listening experience for anyone but perhaps the most ardent fan of the group. Naturally Bill Laswell's "Exuberence is Beauty mix" has a huge amount of his signature sound all over the place, particularly in the dub bass lines. Moreover, the ambient sound collage later on in the song is certainly interesting. "P.W.O.G.'s Dizzy Drift mix" is a lot more techno/dance infused while "Adam Peters mix" is just another angle at the same approach. So as a result you get a mildy interesting package that might be broken out for an occasional listen but certainly does not demand immediate purchase in your pursuit of the Golden Palominos.

John Chedsey (courtesy of the Satan Stole My Teddybear website)