1/  Little Suicides                            (Carson,Fier)                 4.41
  2/  Heaven                                     (Carson,Fier,Skopelitis)      4.50
  3/  Anything                                   (Kavanagh,Fier,Skopeltis)     6.06
  4/  Wings                                      (Carson,Fier,Skopelitis)      6.17
  5/  Pure                                       (Carson,Fier)                 5.53
  6/  No Skin                                    (Carson,Fier)                 6.41
  7/  Gun                                        (Carson,Fier,Skopelitis)      6.08
  8/  Break in the Road                          (Carson,Fier)                 4.23
  9/  Touch You                                  (Kavanagh,Fier)               4.04

          Recorded and mixed at Greenpoint Studio, Brooklyn, New York
          Recorded by Oz Fritz, Bruce Calder, Gary Rindfuss, Rich Costey and Matt Stein
          Mix engineers: Oz Fritz and Matt Stein
          Digital editing: Andy Vandette
          Produced by Anton Fier
          Mastered by Howie Weinberg at Masterdisk
Lori Carson: acoustic guitar, vocals; Knox Chandler: electric guitar; Bootsy Collins: rhythm guitar; Anton Fier: drums, programming, loops, etc; Lydia Kavanagh: vocals; Amanda Kramer: keyboards; Bill Laswell: bass; Nicky Skopelitis: 6 & 12 string electric guitar.

          1994 - Restless Records (USA), 7 72761-2 (CD)
          1994 - Shock (Australia), CTX014CD (CD)
          2023 - Bill Laswell Bandcamp (Bassmatter Subscription Exclusive)


Anton Fier has come up with a radical idea for his latest Golden Palominos album; he hasn't fired the band. After years of switching lineups for each album, with Pure the Palominos have kept the same basic lineup for two albums in a row. And why not? This is How it Feels, the last Palominos release, was an extraordinary album, mainly due to the vocal and lyric input of New York based singer-songwriter Lori Carson who sang, whispered and panted her way through song after song abut love, sex, obsession, betrayal, death and other everyday matters.

Pure continues where This is How it Feels left off, with the rest of the Palominos wrapping an airily funky sound around Carson's lyrics. The band, featuring Fier on drums, Bill Laswell on bass and Bootsy Collins on rhythm guitar, provides a restrained but pulsing soundtrack that perfectly compliments the sensuality of Carson's performance.

The only drawback to this album is that aside from the first two tracks, "Little Suicides" and "Heaven," there seem to be fewer single-friendly songs here than were on the last record. This may destine Pure to the same commercial indifference that met This is How it Feels, but it doesn't make the album any less of an accomplishment.

Frank Tantillo, June 1995 (courtesy of the Oculus Homepage)


If you live in New York, then chances are good that either you or someone you know has once been the Golden Palominos' singer. With Pure it was Lori Carson's turn, and she was just what this occasionally brilliant but frequently unfocused band needed. This is probably the Palominos' first great album (unless you count the group's brilliantly abrasive debut). What's the difference this time? Easy: focus, cogency, and discipline. Also funky, up-to-the-minute beats percolating under Carson's diaphanous vocals and supporting her intelligent (if sometimes overly precious) lyrics. Notice how her unbelievably sexy whisper on "Heaven" rubs up against Bill Laswell's ironclad bass; try not to notice the lyrics on "No Skin" ("This dark and secret crime/Cruelty masked as something kind"), and instead luxuriate in the dark and lovely atmospherics. Very, very nice. That's Bootsy Collins playing rhythm guitar, by the way.

4 stars out of 5

Rick Anderson (courtesy of the All Music Guide website)


The Golden Palominos are a New York-based studio group masterminded by ace drummer/producer Anton Fier. Fier remains the only consistent member of the Palominos from album to album (albeit with occasional holdover members), and he always has a continuing revolving door of musicians and singers to round out the Palominos line-up on each album. That way, the Palominos are never the same group twice, nor do they ever deliver the same album twice. With each new album, the Palominos have gone from avant-garde jazz-rock, to straight rock, to pop, to folk, to ambient, and, most recently, to spoken word (with "sound collage" accompanyment). No matter what the line-up or musical direction is on any given album, the Golden Palominos have delivered some of the most refreshing, exciting music ever committed to tape. And yet, it's absolutely astonishing that Anton Fier's unique studio project, despite major critical acclaim, has never risen past a cult following. The Golden Palominos are *still* the music business' best-kept secret group. The best shot the Palominos have had so far at achieving mainstream success was with 1994's "Pure," an astounding CD that is not only a work of genius, and the Palominos' best album, but is also far-and-away, hands-down the most *erotic* album ever recorded. With it's hypnotic tunes, sonic landscapes, beautifully lush production, and the sensual vocals of Lori Carson & Lydia Kavanaugh, "Pure" simply seduces you. FABULOUS musicianship is on display here: Anton Fier's slammin' drumbeats, Bill Laswell's ultra-fat & funky basslines, masterful fretboard work from Bootsy Collins, Knox Chandler & Nicky Skopelitus, atmospheric keyboard-playing from Amanda Kramer, and finally, the aforementioned lovely voices of Lori Carson & Lydia Kavanaugh. From the gorgeous acoustic opener "Little Suicides," to the phenomenally dreamy title track, to the memorable half-spoken, half-chanted finale "Touch You," this album is an exquisitely beautiful work of art. The "Pure" line-up of the Golden Palominos *almost* toured in support of this brilliant album. Alas, the tour was ultimately scrapped for financial reasons, which is not only a pity, it's a tragedy! I would've LOVED to have seen this version of the band live. What a fantastic show it would've been....oh well, there's always the album. From the very first time I ever heard "Pure" (while shopping in a music store, by the way), I knew that this was an album that was truly something special. That it failed to reach a mass audience is a total mockery of justice. EVERY home, in my opinion, should have a copy of "Pure" by The Golden Palominos. It's original, intelligent, meticulously produced, & seductive. Buy The Golden Palominos' "Pure" right now---it's the ultimate audio aphrodisiac!

5 out of 5 stars

Adam Caylow (courtesy of the website)


if you aren't antsy in your seat over the idea of lori carson & bootsy collins playing on the golden palomino's album, then perhaps you're still in shock. it's hard to believe that over ten years have elapsed but pure still sounds every bit as good as it did when we first heard it. believe me, the palominos may not have been my favorite group but i have the utmost respect for them as far as creativity goes & this album shows us just how focused & energetic they truly are. what's even better, this album probably appeals to many different lovers of music as there is something here for everyone. from those innocent & sweet vocals of lori carson on "little suicides", we know already that the music industry has overlooked something special & ultimately unique in the line of contemporary folk. but wait, it's the second track that might hook you in when lori's voice becomes soft & sensual as a whisper on "heaven". yes, i can see or even understand how this might put someone in the mood so to speak even though the song's lyrics are anything but erotic. for those intellectuals who like a little electricity or funk with their poetry, you wouldn't want to skip over "no skin". really, there are no tracks here to miss & you'll surely play this cd time and time again. snatch this cd up before it goes out of print or becomes increasingly harder to find. you'll be glad you did.

5 out of 5 stars

moongrenadine (courtesy of the website)