1/  Beat Wise                                  (HH,Laswell,Collins,Bonner)   6.30
  2/  Beat Wise (Bonus Beats)                    (HH,Laswell,Collins,Bonner)   1.50
  3/  Beat Wise (Alternate Mix)                  (HH,Laswell,Collins,Bonner)   7.20
  4/  Beat Wise (Dub Mix)                        (HH,Laswell,Collins,Bonner)   6.15

          Recorded at Quad Recording Studios, New York City and Garage Sale
            Recording Studios, Los Angeles
          Mixed by Timmy Regisford
          Produced by Bill Laswell/Material and Herbie Hancock
          Associate Producer: Tony Meilandt
Herbie Hancock : Apple/Mac plus, Yamaha DX1, DX7, DX711FD, Kurweil K-250, Fairlight series II and series III, Akai 900-S, Roland Super Jupiter, Rhodes Chroma, Oberheim Matrix 12, Yamaha TX 8/16, piano, vocoder; William "Bootsy" Collins: bass, vocoder; Sugarfoot: vocals; Nicky Skopelitis: Fairlight drums; DST: turntables; Mico Wave: Mini Moog, bass, talk box, vocoder; Jeff Bova: synthesizer programming; Boyd Jarvis: keyboard overdubs.

          1988 - Columbia (USA), 44 07896 (12")
Note: Bill Laswell does not play on this album.