1/  Keep It Confidential                       (GH,Kent,Foley)               5.50
  2/  Dummy Up                                   (Hendryx)                     4.30

          Recorded at OAO Studios, Brooklyn, New York and RPM Sound
            Studios, New York
          Produced by Material
          Track one remixed by David Todd and Nicky Martinelli
Nona Hendryx: vocals, synthesizers; Kashif (1): synthesizer, bass synthesizer; Bernie Worrell (2): keyboards; Steve Scales (2): percussion; Jamaladeen Tacuma (1): bass; Kenni Hairston (1): keyboards; Nile Rogers (1): guitars; The Headless Horseman (2): guitar; B.J. Nelson, Dolette McDonald, Michelle Cobbs, Kevin Owens, Kenni Hairston, Patti LaBelle & Carole Pope: background vocals.

Arrangements by Bill Laswell, Michael Beinhorn, Nona Hendryx and Ronnie Drayton

          1983 - RCA Records (Germany), PB-3437 (7")
          1983 - RCA Records (USA),  PD-13438 (12")
          1983 - RCA Records (UK), RCAT 356 (12")
Note: Bill Laswell does not play on this album.
Note: The 7" contains the straight mix of track 1.