1/  Metal Beat (Extended Version)              (Hancock,Laswell)             6.45
  2/  Metal Beat (Edit)                          (Hancock,Laswell)             3.23

          Recorded at Evergreen Studio, New York
          Additional recording at Garage Sale Recording, Los Angeles, Studio Media,
            Evanston, Illinois and Eldorado Recording, Los Angeles
          Produced by Bill Laswell/Material & Herbie Hancock
          Associate Producer: Tony Meilandt
          Special remix by Francois Kevorkian
Herbie Hancock: Fairlight CMI, Yamaha DX7; Foday Musa Suso: dusunguni, balaphone; Wayne Shorter: Lyricon; Bill Laswell: DMX, shortwave; D.St.: turntables; Henry Kaiser: guitar; Toshinori Kondo: speaker; Aiyb Dieng: talking drum, chatan, bells; Anton Fier: Simmons drums, sound plates, cymbals, gongs; Bernard Fowler: voice; Will Alexander: Fairlight CMI programming.

          1984 - CBS/Columbia (USA), 38-04633 (7")
          1984 - CBS/Columbia (USA), 44-04637 (12")
Note: The album jacket of the 12" incorrectly lists track 2 as "Karabali".
Note: The 7" contains the same track on both sides; 'Metal Beat (edit)'.