ROCKIT/Mega-Mix (12")

  1/  Rockit                                                                   3.54
  2/  Mega-Mix                                                                 4.08

          Basic tracks recorded at OAO Studios, Brooklyn, N.Y.
          New York overdubs recorded at RPM Studios, N.Y.C.
          Keyboard overdubs and additional recording at Garage Sale Recording,
            Los Angeles, California
          Produced by Material and Herbie Hancock
          Associate Producer: Tony Meilandt
Herbie Hancock: Fairlight CMI, Rhodes Chroma, Sennheiser vocoder, clavitar, Dr. Click rhythm controller, E-mu 4060 digital keyboard, mini-moog; Bill Laswell: bass; Michael Beinhorn: DMX, synare, mini-moog programming; Grand Mixer D.ST.: turntables; Daniel Ponce: bata.

          1983 - Columbia (USA), 13-05494 (7")
          1987 - Columbia (USA), 44H 06895 (12")
Note: The 12" contains longer versions.