1/  The Essence (Album Edit)                   (Hancock,Laswell,Khan)        3.33
  2/  The Essence (DJ Krush Main Mix)            (Hancock,Laswell,Khan)        5.45
  3/  The Essence (Bukem's DJ Mix)               (Hancock,Laswell,Khan)        9.09
  4/  The Essence (Extra 90 Dub Mix)             (Hancock,Laswell,Khan)        6.22
  5/  Future2Future Album Mix                    (Hancock,Laswell,Khan)        4.54
  6/  The Essence (Cosmic Ritual Interlude)      (Hancock,Laswell,Khan)        1.21
  7/  The Essence (Sacred Opus Mix)              (Hancock,Laswell,Khan)        13.47
  8/  The Essence (Bonita)                       (Hancock,Laswell,Khan)        6.08
  9/  The Essence (Drumming)                     (Hancock,Laswell,Khan)        2.56

          Original track created at Orange Music
          Additional Recording at Severe Studios, NYC
          Engineering: Robert Musso
          Assistant Engineer: James Dellatacoma
          Engineers at Garage Sale: Khaliq-O-Vision and Dave Hampton
          Track 2 remix and additional production by DJ Krush
          Track 2 recorded by Toshihiko Miyoshi
          Assisted by Youhei Ichikawa at HAL Studio
          Tracks 3 and 4 remix and additional production by LTJ Bukem
          Tracks 6-9 remix and additional production by Joaquin "Joe" Claussell
          Produced and Directed by Bill Laswell and Herbie Hancock
Herbie Hancock: keyboards; Bill Laswell: electric bass; Chaka Khan: vocals; Charnett Moffett: acoustic bass; Karsh Kale: drums; Grandmixer DXT: turntable; Frederic Lasfargeas (6-9): additional piano.

          2001 - Transparent Music/Victor Entertainment (USA), CD HERBIE 1 (CD)