1/  Prelude (Zulu)                             (Hal and the Big 5)           0.42
  2/  Uyakhumbula (Zulu)                         (Hal and the Big 5)           5.13
  3/  Sijikeleza umhlaba (Zulu)                  (Hal and the Big 5)           2.29
  4/  Bamane (Tsonga)                            (Hal and the Big 5)           3.28
  5/  Inkululeko (Zulu)                          (Hal and the Big 5)           2.58
  6/  Tell Them (English)                        (Hal and the Big 5)           3.08
  7/  Amatyala (Xhosa)                           (Hal and the Big 5)           4.43
  8/  Loved Ones (Gromlo)                        (Hal and the Big 5)           3.22
  9/  Iafrica (English)                          (Hal and the Big 5)           3.45
  10/ Izinyanya (Xhosa)                          (Hal and the Big 5)           4.08
  11/ Zamiyego (Gromlo)                          (Hal and the Big 5)           4.05
  12/ Wongilaye (Xhosa & Zulu)                   (Hal and the Big 5)           5.15
  13/ Webaba (Zulu)                              (Hal and the Big 5)           3.09
  14/ Dans nos mains (English)                   (Hal and the Big 5)           5.02

          Recorded in several locations in France, Belgium and England
          Vocals recorded in South Africa at Alli Allien's studio
          Mixed by Bill Laswell at Orange Music, West Orange, New Jersey
          Mix Engeer: Robert Musso
          Assistant: James Dellatacoma
          Mastered at Millenium Studio, France
          Remastered in the Ether, Belgium, January 2008
Duncan Lomax (aka Savage): guitars, arrangements; Derycke Pascal (aka PX): rhythms, arrangements; Gasta Abueng Mkhonza: vocals; Miriam Sissi Maphalala: vocals; Vusi Patrick Msane: vocals; Xolani Andrew Magengenene: vocals; Lahcen Bennajem: percussion; Olivier Dancy: saxophone; Julian Gallo: drums; Moufadhel Adhoum: drums.

          2008 - ???  (France), ??? (CD)
Note: The official release only has two mixes (and different tracks/running order) by Laswell and references a free download of this version with all mixes by Laswell.
Note: Though the CD is professionally duplicated, pressed and packaged, there is limited information in the packaging itself.