VIBE ALIVE (single)

  1/  Vibe Alive (Extended Dance Mix)            (HH,BL,BC,Bonner,Mico Wave)   8.16
  2/  Vibe Alive (Edited Version)                (HH,BL,BC,Bonner,Mico Wave)   3.20
  3/  Vibe Alive (Bonus Beats)                   (HH,BL,BC,Bonner,Mico Wave)   4.48

          Recorded at Quad Recording Studios, New York City and Garage Sale
            Recording Studios, Los Angeles
          Remixed by Bill Laswell at Quadrasonic Sound Studios, New York City
          Produced by Bill Laswell/Material and Herbie Hancock
          Associate Producer: Tony Meilandt
          Mastered by Herb Powers, Jr.
Herbie Hancock: Apple/Mac Plus, Yamaha DX-1, DX-7, DX7 IIFD, Kurzweil K-250, Fairlight Series II and Series III, Akai 900-S, Roland Super Jupiter, Rhodes Chroma, Oberheim Matrix 12, Yamaha TX 8/16, acoustic piano, vocoder; William "Bootsy" Collins: bass, vocoder; Sugarfoot: vocals; Nicky Skopelitis: Fairlight Drums; D.ST.: turntables; Mico Wave: Mini Moog, bass, talk box, vocoder; Jeff Bova: synthesizer programming.

          1988 - CBS/Columbia, 44 07804 (12")
          1988 - CBS Records (Netherlands), CBS 651432-2 (3" CD Single)
Note: Bill Laswell does not play on this album.