1/  Simple As That                                                           5.04
  2/  Good Ole Hype Shit                                                       3.31
  3/  Book of Rhyme Pages                                                      4.32
  4/  JB's Coming Through                                                      1.58
  5/  Spittin' Wicked Randomness                                               3.33
  6/  Spark a New Flame                                                        4.49
  7/  Mysterious Monkey                                                        2.46
  8/  Battle Show                                                              3.59
  9/  I'm In Love With Indica                                                  6.11
  10/ Ra Ra Kid                                                                3.21
  11/ Peace Ahki                                                               1.41
  12/ Trials of An Era                                                         1.35
  13/ Book of Rhyme Pages (remix)                                              4.35
  14/ Troopin' on the Down Low                                                 7.00
  15/ Hedz At Company Z                                                        3.18

          Recorded at Greenpoint Studios, Brooklyn, New York
          Engineered by Matt Stein
          Produced by Bill Laswell, Matt Stein and Jungle Bros.
Baby Bam, Mike Gee, Sammie B and Torture: vocals, beats, samples; Bill Laswell: sounds, samples.

          ????  -  Buried by Warner Bros.
Note: This album was rejected by Warner Bros., subsequently re-recorded by the JBs and released as 'J Beez With the Remedy'.
Note: Some tracks leaked on Black Hoodz/WordSound as 'The Payback EP' by Crazy Wisdom Masters.
Note: Track 14 was released by Warner Bros. on a promo CD in 1993 entitled "Trademark of Quality".
Note: The last 4 tracks are alledgedly from a planned EP.