1/  Ethioplawit Konjo                          (Jano)                        4.08
  2/  Yigermal                                   (Jano)                        4.00
  3/  Irasen                                     (Jano,Tadesse)                6.21
  4/  Ayrak                                      (Jano,Gebrabe)                5.06
  5/  Irrekum                                    (Jano,Tadesse)                5.07
  6/  Gude                                       (Jano)                        5.54
  7/  Mariye                                     (Saro)                        5.56
  8/  Mehed Mehed                                (Jano,Tadesse)                6.29
  9/  Tazebkut                                   (Jano,Gebrabe)                7.06
  10/ Anchi Hegere                               (Jano,Tadesse)                4.05

          Recorded at Abegaus Studio, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
          Additional recording and mixing at Orange Music, West Orange, New Jersey
          Engineering: Robert Musso
          Second: James Dellatacoma
          Produced by Bill Laswell
          Executive Producers: Addis Agesse, Ermyas Almega and Giacomo Bruzzo
          Band Coordinator: Samuel Tefara
          Musical Director: Michael Hailu
          Album Contributors: Yilma G/Abe, Ermias Gidi, Zion Entertainment
          Cover panel & theme: Doze
          Package Design: John Brown @ Cloud Chamber
          M.O.D. Technologies NYC: John Brown
          M.O.D. Technologies Japan: Yoko Yamabe
          M.O.D. Digital Support: Dave Brunelle (Silently Watching)
          Mastered at Turtle Tone Studio, NYC by Michael Fossenkemper
Debekulu Tafesse: vocals; Hailu Amerga: vocals; Michael Hailu: guitar; Gemechu Mezgebu: bass; Edward Zekaria: keyboards; Kirubel Tesfaye: keyboards; Gudeta Bezabeh: guitar; Yohannes Mekonnen: drums; Hewan Gebrewold: vocals; Heleluya Tekletsadik: vocals; ADDITIONAL MUSICIANS - Dominic James: guitar; Robert Burger: Hammond organ; Steven Bernstein: trumpet, alto horn, horn transcriptions; Peter Apfelbaum: bass and tenor saxophone; Adam Rudolph: percussion.

          2012 - M.O.D. Technologies (USA), MOD0009 (CD with slipcase/Doze Green atwork)
          2012 - M.O.D. Technologies (USA), MOD0009 (CD, 4 panel package with alternate art)
          2012 - Rock the World Music (Ethiopia), no catalog # (CD)
Note: This was available in two versions - one with a slipcase and one with a traditional 4-panel digi-pak and alternate cover.