Disc one:
  1/	Shakin’ The Cage (Techno)                 (ID,Kretschmer,Qunta,Lloyd)   5.07
  2/	Colours                                   (Davies)                      6.58
  3/	Desdemona                                 (Bolan)                       3.58
  4/	Mercy                                     (Davies,Kretschmer)           3.52
  5/	Yo, Micro Babe                            (Davies)                      6.20
  6/	MLK                                       (Davies)                      5.31
  7/	She Comes                                 (Davies)                      5.21
  8/	Wild                                      (Davies,Kretschmer)           6.51
  9/	Dedicated To Glam                         (Davies)                      4.28

 Disc two:
  1/	Melt Steel (Part 1)                       (Davies)                      5.06
  2/	Slow Motion                               (Davies)                      6.12
  3/	Kilimanjaro                               (Davies)                      7.15
  4/	Melt Steel (Part 2)                       (Davies)                      0.49
  5/	Blue Noise                                (Davies,Oates)                6.04
  6/	The Great Southern Mix                    (Davies)                      14.53
  7/	Melt Steel (Part 3)                       (Davies)                      2.17

          All recording and mixing at General Dynamics, Trackdown Studios, Studio
            301, FON Studios and Western Boulevard
          Disc one, track 3 and disc two, tracks 1, 4 and 7 engineered and mixed
            by Simon Leadley and Iva Davies
          Disc one, tracks 4,5, 9 and disc two, track 5 engineered by Alan Fisch
          Disc one, track 9 remixed by 808 State
          Disc two, tracks 1,4 and 6 engineered by Simon Leadley
          Disc two, tracks 2 and 6 engineered by Oz Fritz
          Disc one, tracks 1,2,6,7 and 8 and disc two, track 3 produced and mixed
            by General Dynamics, Charles Clouser and Cameron Allan
          Disc one, track 3 and disc two, tracks 1, 4 and 7 produced and performed
            by Iva Davies
          Disc one, tracks 4 and 5 and disc two, track 5 produced and mixed by
            Mark Gamble
          Disc one, track 9 produced by Icehouse and 808 State
          Disc two, tracks 2 and 6 produced and mixed by Bill Laswell
          Project manager in the field: Ray Hearn
          Mastering and editing: Simon Leadley at Trackdown Studios
Icehouse: all instruments; special assistance by - BANGARRA DANCE COMPANY: Banula Marika (David): lead voice, clapsticks; Djakapurra Munyarryun: didgeridoo and additional vocals; Yatuma Gurruwiwi: didgeridoo and additional vocals; Stephen Page: co-ordinator; FROM ELCHO ISLAND - Don Murray: didgeridoo; Peter Datjing: voice, clapsticks; (Disc two, tracks 2 and 6) Buckethead: guitars; Jon Ingoldsby: guitars; Bernie Worrell: keyboards; Yossa: rapper; Christina Amplett & Jenny Andrews: vocals; Bill Laswell: bass; (Disc two, tracks 1,4 and 7) Marc Bolan: interview dialogue.

          1993 - Massive (Australia), 7897592 (2CD)


Full Circle, being a remix album, can only be a patchy affair, and this is mainly because tracks are remixed by a variety of mixers, including Manchester-based 808 State. In addition there are new Davies recordings, a cover of Marc Bolan's "Desdemona," and a three-part collage, "Melt Steel..." sampling fragments of a Bolan interview. Of the mixes, some are better than others: "Colours" (as in man of..) and "Blue Noise" ("Electric Blue") are among the best. Elsewhere, Sidewalk's "Shot Down/The Mountain" gets a re-jig (or a good kick up the pants, as you like it) as "Kilamanjaro," and Bill Lsswell's play on "Love in Motion" has the Divinyls' Christina Amphlett in fine form vocally and verbally. Monstrosities appear as "MLK" and "She Comes," ironically the ones Davies cites as best, but then he said that about Code Blue too.

Kelvin Hayes courtesy of the All Music Guide website