1/  Life Tunnel                                                              4.27
        DJ Logic Remix
  2/  Limbic System                                                            8.56
        Bill Laswell Remix
  3/  Organic Swamp/Maximum Enjoyment                                          4.51
        Jamaaladeen Tacuma/DJ Moshe Remix
  4/  Transfixers                                                              4.56
        DJ Hide Remix
  5/  Right Foot                                                               9.44
        Christian Fennesz Remix
  6/  Silent Noise                                                             7.08
        Jah Massa Remix
  7/  Roots Proof                                                              6.59
        Jim O'Rourke Remix
  8/  Limbic System                                                            4.18
        Live at Club Core 
  9/  Green Onions (Bonus Track)                                               4.39

          Track one remixed by DJ Logic at Temple of Soul, New York City
          Track one remix engineered by Dave Swanson
          Track two reconstruction and mix translation by Bill Laswell at Orange
            Music, New Jersey
          Track two engineered by Robert Musso
          Track two assistant engineer: James Dellatacoma
          Track three remixed by MOSHE at Sound Genetic Recording Studio, Philadelphia
          Additional production on track three by Jamaaladeen Tacuma
          Recording and mixing engineer on track three: Jamaaladeen Tacuma
          Track four remix and additional production by DJ HIDE at HAL Studio
          Track four recorded and mixed by Toshihiko Miyoshi
          Track four assistant engineer: Youhei Ichikawa
          Track five remixed by Fennesz
          Track six remixed by JAH MASSA
          Track six mixed by Hajime Yoshizawa
          Track seven remixed by Jim O'Rourke at Steam Room Mobile
          Track eight recorded and mixed by Taku Ono
          Coordinated and selected by Masaho Furuno and Yoko Yamabe
          Produced by Kankawa
          Original tracks produced by Dr.KO
          Executive Producer: Toshihiko Kankawa for Bad Cat
          Mastered by Atsushi Hasebe
ORIGINAL MUSICIANS - Kankawa: organ; Satoshi Izumi: guitar; P.Koizumi: bass; Yoshihito Eto: drums (except 8); Nao Takeuchi: tenor sax; flute; ADDITIONAL MUSICIANS - (2) Ejigayehu "GiGi" Shibibaw: vocals; Graham Haynes: cornet; Bill Laswell: bass, guitar; (3) Malik B : vocals; (5) Alexandria Gilbert: vocals; (6) Masato Nakamura: programming; Shuya Okino: bass consulting; (7) Tim Barnes: extra percussion.

          2003 - Pioneer (Japan), PICL-1250 (CD)