1/  Called - Source Direct Remix               (Bernocchi,Kondo,Laswell)
  2/  Tokyo - Usual Suspects Remix               (Bernocchi,Kondo)

          Original tracks recorded at Studio Coffee Shop Amsterdam, Metal Box Studio Kawasaki, 
            Orange Music, Orange, NJ, Verba Corrige Studio, Milan
          Additional recording: Bob Musso.
          Original tracks produced, recorded and mixed by Eraldo Bernocchi and Toshinori Kondo
          Remix and additional production on track one by Source Direct
          Remix and additional production on track two by Usual Suspects
Eraldo Bernocchi: electronic, beats, programming, treated guitar; Toshinori Kondo: electric trumpet; Bill Laswell: bass on tracks 1.

          2000 - R&S Records/Apollo (Belgium), APOLLO 041 (12")


Two remixes extracted from the album "Charged" from the collaboration between the Japanese trumpeter Toshinori Kondo, the Italian wizard of electronics Eraldo Bernocchi (these two already worked on the album "Co.dex" for Giovanni Ferretti) and the versatile and productive Bill Laswell. This 12", like the LP, was recorded for the Belgian label Apollo, subsidiary of the glorious R&S [...].

On side A, "Charged" comes reconstructed and remixed from Source Direct : the result is a dub-jazz-funk characterized by the racous sound of the trumpet and the funky guitar; [...].

On side AA "Tokyo" it comes remixed in keytechstep from the Usual Suspects : easy, rather aggressive, even if we are (fortunately) far from the fury of tracks like "Killa Bees".


** this was translated as best as I was able through Google **

Salvatore Pririno (courtesy of the The Vibes website)