1/  Tokyo - Quoit Remake                       (Bernocchi,Kondo)
  2/  Cornered - Caspar Brotzmann Mix            (Bernocchi,Kondo,Laswell,Brotzmann)

          Original tracks recorded at Studio Coffee Shop Amsterdam, Metal Box Studio
            Kawasaki, Orange Music, Orange, NJ, Verba Corrige Studio, Milan
          Additional recording : Bob Musso
          Track 1 created and mixed at the Box, November 1999
          Track 2 created at Studio Steinschleng, April 24, 2000
          Original tracks produced, recorded and mixed by Eraldo Bernocchi and
            Toshinori Kondo
          Track 1 remix produced by Mick Harris
          Track 2 remix produced by FM Einheit
          Mastered at Turtle Tone Studio, NYC by Michael Fossenkemper
Eraldo Bernocchi: electronic, beats, programming, treated guitar; Toshinori Kondo: electric trumpet; Bill Laswell (2): bass.

          2001 - Apollo/R & S Records (Belgium), APOLLO 042 (12")


The remixes from his Charged release (a brilliant collaboration with Bill Laswell and Toshiniro Kondo that has, sadly, become somewhat hard to find) are seeing release on the R & S label as a series of 12-inch releases. I just picked up the second one ("Re-Charged #2") with Caspar Brotzmann doing the A-side and Mick Harris doing the B. It's hard to say who threatens to melt your system more; and while Harris certainly lays down a wicked groove that is certainly inspired by the previous work that he has done under his Quoit moniker, I think it is Brotzmann's track that ultimately wins. After a long, ambient-flavored intro, the jack-hammered assault kicks in. Worth tracking down for that change-over alone.

Mark Teppo (courtesy of the All Music Guide, via the Get Music website)