1/  Black and Strong (Homesick)                (UBH,MM,BL,BC,Clinton,AO)     11.32
  2/  Black and Strong (Homesick)                (UBH,MM,BL,BC,Clinton,AO)     4.36
        radio edit
  3/  Black and Strong (Homesick)                (UBH,MM,BL,BC,Clinton,AO)     12.10
        ambient dub mix
  4/  Homesick                                   (Hassan,Mel,Laswell,Collins)  8.20
  5/  "I'm coming home..."                                                     0.22
  6/  "...bang bang another nigger going to jail"                              0.51
  7/  "Like Graffiti on the walls of Wall Street...                            0.25
                  Black and Strong"
  8/  "Like Graffiti on the walls of Wall Street...                            0.11
                  Black and Strong"
  9/  "The screams..."                                                         2.22
  10/ "I see a slave..."                                                       0.41
  11/ "The blood..."                                                           1.56
  12/ "I'm coming home..."                                                     0.20

          Recorded and mixed at Greenpoint Studio, Brooklyn, New York
          Produced by Bill Laswell
          Tracks 5-12 are vocal only edits
Umar Bin Hassan: voice; Abiodun Oyewole: voice; Grandmaster Melle Mel: voice; Bootsy Collins: guitars, bass; Bernie Worrell: organ, piano, clavinet, synthesizer; Bill Laswell: bass, beats, samples, loops; Aiyb Dieng: congas, chatan, bells, talking drum, doff, tambourine, gongs, percussion; George Clinton: voice; Don Babatunde: conga.

          1995 - Black Arc/Rykodisc (USA), RA12 1048 (12)
          1995 - Black Arc/Rykodisc (USA), VRCD  0319 (CD)