1/  No Justification                           (Nevaris,Laswell,Apfelbaum)   4.04
  2/  Enough Is Enough                           (Nevaris,Laswell)             6.10
  3/  Going Down                                 (Nevaris,Laswell)             5.31
  4/  Hot Like the Sun                           (Nevaris,Laswell)             5.25
  5/  Restless                                   (Nevaris,Laswell)             7.08
  6/  The Thrill Is Gone                         (Nevaris,Laswell)             4.36
  7/  Gimme Some Love                            (Nevaris,Laswell)             4.27
  8/  Dub Enough                                 (Nevaris,Laswell)             9.26

          Created at Orange Music, West Orange, NJ
          Engineering: James Dellatacoma
          Produced by Bill Laswell
          Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper at TurtleTone Studio, NYC
          Cover photo by Yoko Yamabe
          Cover design by Realize
Nevaris: voice, electric piano, hammond organ, congas, percussion; Bill Laswell: bass; DJ Logic: turntables; Peter Apfelbaum: tenor saxophone, flute; Will Bernard: guitar; Lockatron : drums.

          2020 - self-released (digital)