1/  The Driven                                 (Gluck,Laswell)               5.24  
  2/  Temporal Portal                            (Gluck,Laswell)               5.56  
  3/  Concealed                                  (Gluck,Laswell)               6.20  
  4/  Malaysian Kraken                           (Gluck,Sokolov)               6.37  
  5/  The Summoning                              (Gluck,Laswell)               6.47  
  6/  Shahapet                                   (Gluck,Laswell)               5.11  
  7/  Servant                                    (Gluck)                       7.08  
  8/  Entombed In Ice                            (Gluck,Laswell)               7.36 

          Created at Orange Music Sound, W. Orange, New Jersey and Black Site Studio
          Engineer at West Orange: James Dellatacoma
          Produced, mixed and arranged by Submerged
          Mastered for vinyl by Gio @ AM
Bill Laswell: bass; Submerged: beats, keyboards, sounds; Dave Coppola: guitar (8); Tim Winston: samples (8); Justin Broadrick: guitar (5); Matt Laboza: effectron (1,2); Balazs Pandi: live drums (1,3); AmenazA: flute (2); M. Gregor Filip: guitar (3), modular synthesizers (3); Rantu: synthesizer (3); Arkady Sololov: percussion (4), synthesizer (4), samples (4); Dashmesh Kalsa: digeridoo (6).

          2016 - OHM Resistance (USA), 37M OHM (2LP)


Bill Laswell and Submerged have collaborated numerous times since the mid-2000s, but After Such Knowledge, What Forgiveness? is only their second full-length billed as a duo, rather than as part of Method of Defiance or the Blood of Heroes. The album appears on Submerged's Ohm Resistance, one of New York City's most productive outlets for aggressive drum'n'bass and breakcore, in addition to industrial, dub, doom, and noise. These elements (and more) are all gathered on this album, which features input from drummer Balázs Pándi, Godflesh overlord Justin Broadrick, Ohm Resistance artist Invertia, and many others. The album is another natural fusion of Laswell's rubbery basslines and Submerged's hard-hitting breakbeats, which are joined by atmospheric sheets of noisy guitar, Indian percussion, and a handful of distorted vocal samples. "The Driven" and "Servant" are the most driving d'n'b tracks, while cuts like "Concealed" blend Laswell's mastery of dub rhythms with updated production techniques. "Shahapet" starts out with a steady tempo before tripping into more complicated rushing breaks. Closing track "Entombed in Ice" is quite frightening, with tortured screaming buried under the pounding drums and scorching guitars. Dark and thrilling, the album is every bit as adventurous as the duo's previous collaborations.

Paul Simpson (courtesy of the All Music Guide website)