1/  Unfinished Screams                         (Hosono,Laswell)              9.03
  2/  Interpieces                                (Hosono,Laswell)              6.34
  3/  Coiled                                     (Hosono,Laswell)              10.49
  4/  Jeephead Shaman                            (Hosono,Laswell)              5.25
  5/  Wakare Michi                               (Hosono,Laswell)              9.08
  6/  Y.S. Tangled In Tokyo                      (Hosono,Laswell)              7.52
  7/  Bush                                       (Hosono)                      8.41

          Recorded and mixed at Quiet Lodge, Tokyo and Greenpoint Studio,
            Brooklyn, New York
          Track 7 recorded and mixed at Quiet Lodge, Tokyo
          Track 4, based on the original track "Unfinished Screams", remixed at
            Camouflage Studio, Tokyo by Something Wonderful
          Track 5, based on the original track "Interpieces", remixed at Meow
            Studios, New York by Terre Thaemlitz
          Track 6, based on the original track "Coiled", remixed at Hanagebyoon
            Studio, Tokyo by Yoshihiro Sawasaki (Mushroom Now)
          Produced by Haruomi Hosono and Bill Laswell
          Track 7 produced by Haruomi Hosono
          Executive Producer: Osamu Yahagi
          Realization: Shigeho Sugar Tajima
          Planning and coordination by Shigeho Sugar Tajima and Office Changes Ltd.
          Artwork for Bandcamp re-release by Yoko Yamabe @ Randesign
          Mastered by Bobby Hata at Disc Lab, Tokyo
Haruomi Hosono & Bill Laswell: sound sculptures; Tetsu Inoue (1,3,4,6): electronics; Miharu Koshi (1,4): voice.

          1996 - Baidis/Teichiku Entertainment (Japan), M/T60101 (Promo 12")
          1996 - Baidis/Teichiku Entertainment (Japan), TECN 30336 (CD)
          2016 - Bill Laswell Bandcamp (digital)
Note: The vinyl promo only contains tracks 2,4 and 6.