1/  Death Rattle                               (Brotzmann,Laswell)           4.26
  2/  Low Life                                   (Brotzmann,Laswell)           3.30
  3/  Disengage                                  (Brotzmann,Laswell)           3.00
  4/  Locomotive                                 (Brotzmann,Laswell)           3.41
  5/  Barrier                                    (Brotzmann,Laswell)           4.07
  6/  Wheeling Vultures                          (Brotzmann,Laswell)           3.51
  7/  Curved Dog                                 (Brotzmann,Laswell)           1.33
  8/  Abasement                                  (Brotzmann,Laswell)           1.39
  9/  Land One                                   (Brotzmann,Laswell)           8.09
  10/ Tingle Hairs                               (Brotzmann,Laswell)           4.11
  11/ The Last Detective                         (Brotzmann,Laswell)           2.32

          Recorded and mixed by Martin Bisi at B.C. Studio, Brooklyn, New York
            January 3,4,5,6, 1987
          Produced by Bill Laswell
Peter Brotzmann: bass saxophone conn 1923; Bill Laswell: electric basses.

          1987 - Celluloid (USA), CELL 5016 (Vinyl)
          1987 - Celluloid (USA), CELCD 5016 (CD)


It's amazing how much sound one guy with a bass saxophone and another with an electric bass can pump out. Wild free jazz improvs from January 1987 with Martin Bisi (he's famous, trust me) running the board. There are nice slow moody sections and machine gun style rapid-fire noise blasts. More dissonant than some of the recent so-called industrial records. Drop it into your portable and drown out the office talk about The Game. Unfortunately, the booklet has almost no info. Are Celluloid cheap bastards or what? Then again, kinda hard to complain since I only paid 7 bucks.

Mike Burma (courtesy of the Browbeat website)