1/  Telepathy I                                (Laswell,Namlook)             15.31
  2/  Trautoniolo                                (Laswell,Namlook)             4.02
  3/  Mind Tranceference Control                 (Laswell,Namlook)             16.24
  4/  Mind Over Energy                           (Laswell,Namlook)             12.56
  5/  Vocal PSI                                  (Laswell,Namlook)             2.56
  6/  Telepathy II                               (Laswell,Namlook)             4.52
  7/  Lights Out                                 (Laswell,Namlook)             4.00

          Recorded at Klanglabor, Frankfurt, Germany
          Produced by Peter Kuhlmann
Bill Laswell: bass, sounds; Pete Namlook: Trautonium, sounds.

          1997 - FAX  +49-69/450464 (Germany), PW 33 (CD)
          2005 - Ambient World (Germany), AW 038 (CD)


To me this is more pleasing to the ear than part two of the series (FAX point: whether these numerical progressions should be viewed as series or albums in their own right is another question). In general this disc is warmer than the more monochrome P2 and uses a theme that seems to be repeated through much of the disc - a bouncing bass filled and somewhat alien ditty that just pulses away. For me the relatively shorter track lengths keep things moving along nicely and some of the tracks here are genuinely uplifitng, moving even. Mind tranceference control (nabbing a sample from the ultimate lord of darkness from Gilliam's Time Bandits) is a truly brilliant atmosphere-filled epic. Sixty seconds to lights out....

Rowland Atkinson (courtesy of the website)