1/  Amphora                                    (Laswell)                     10.29
  2/  Sombre Stream                              (Laswell)                     15.17
  3/  Undercurrent                               (Laswell)                     28.35
      (Endless Light In the Nameless Land)

          Created at Greenpoint Studio, Brooklyn, New York
          Engineer: Robert Musso
          Produced by Bill Laswell
          Low Profile: Robert Soares
Bill Laswell: bass, beats, sounds.

          1995 - Low Records (USA), LW001 (CD)
          2016 - Bill Laswell Bandcamp (digital only)


Bill Laswell is a name that most should be familiar with. His wide reaching resume of work stretches from Material to Motorhead to the Golden Palominos and beyond as both performancer and producer. Admittedly I'm not terribly familiar with much of his work, but given the quality of this particular release, there is good reason to explore further. Silent Recoil is a three song lengthy excursion into one of my favorite genres: ambient space dub. The first two songs are long explorations of electronic dub with the expansive, far-reaching echoing sounds. Heavy on bass and dub rhythms, but with airy piano sprinkles and electronic effects zipping around, these two songs are splendid examples of ambient dub. Fans of dub Controlled Bleeding material and Twilight Circus will easily find this enjoyable. The last song is actually more an unstructured soundscape piece that approaches a purity in ambience. Focusing on tones, changing sounds and the rising and falling of certain pitches, this track has more in common with Lull than anything else. Overall this is a wonderful album with trance and meditative qualities.

John Chedsey (courtesy of Satan Stole My Teddybear website)