1/  Open Url                                   (Laswell,Thaemlitz)           16.13
  2/  Insectoidal Regression                     (Laswell,Thaemlitz)           16.04
  3/  Transfer Complete                          (Laswell,Thaemlitz)           17.35

          Created at Greenpoint Studio, Brooklyn, New York and at Meow
          Engineering at Greenpoint: Robert Musso
          Assistant at Greenpoint: Layng Martine
          Produced and arranged by Bill Laswell and Terre Thaemlitz
          Artwork for Bandcamp re-release by Yoko Yamabe @ Randesign
          Material Inc.: Tracy McKnight
          Subharmonic: Robert Soares
Bill Laswell: sounds; Terre Thaemlitz: sounds.

          1994 - Subharmonic (USA), SD 7010-2 (CD)
          2016 - Bill Laswell Bandcamp (digital)


Some of the most abrasive, industrial leaning ambient of either of these composers' careers. Chains rattle, voices whisper menacingly, and dark, dissonant textures and deep bass drones collide on a trio of extended tracks united by the questionably thematic topic of digital communications technology. Difficult but rewarding.

Sean Cooper (courtesy of the Get Music website originally from the All Music Guide)