Disc one: Abu
  1/  Loaded Guns For Iraq - Moondogg                                          3.36
  2/  Hard Rest - Talvin Singh                                                 10.11
  3/  Open Sesame - Pearl                                                      4.40
  4/  Infinite Luke Warm Vibe II - Luke Vibert                                 8.18
  5/  We Two Are None / Tangier Box - Apollon                                  12.08
  6/  Each Tear (Of Fatima) - Spooncurve                                       3.44
  7/  So So - Oyster                                                           6.25
  8/  The Avantgardist - Doppler 20:20                                         11.03
 Disc two: Dis
  1/  Infinite Luke Warm Vibe III - Luke Vibert                                6.05
  2/  Jam Jarr - V-Neck                                                        6.46
  3/  More Hard Rest - Talvin Singh                                            2.45
  4/  Small Steps To Palestine - Doppler 20:20                                 5.50
  5/  Tears For Allah - Spooncurve                                             4.36
  6/  Tongue Knife - Pearl                                                     6.07
  7/  Dune - Force Of Angels                                                   4.56
  8/  This Gun Is Still Bleeding Loaded - Moondogg                             10.04
  9/  Devabansha - Makyo/Bill Laswell                                          6.08
          All remixes by Muslimgauze

          2000 - D.O.R. (UK), ADOR2357 (CD)


ECLECTIC, EXPERIMENTAL, AND RHYTHMIC REMIXES: Muslimgauze took seventeen songs from eleven different artists and completely re-worked them into sonic masterpieces. With a new sound and new titles that the late Bryn Jones gave them, the now Muslimgauze-esque songs still carry the vibe of each artist, resulting in a varied, yet cohesive double disc. The music is an eclectic mixture of droney experiments, lurching beats, dancey rhythms, static noise, drum & bass, looped vocals and splatter electronics. Some of the notable artists remixed include Luke Vibert (aka Wagon Christ and Plug), Apollon (worked with Muslimgauze on Dark Thoughts and Year Zero), Spooncurve (UK downtempo act fronted by world music singer Faye Rochelle). Doppler 20:20 (Martin Lee-Stephenson's experimental beats act), and Moondogg (drum & bass, blues and trip hop by ex-Geneartion X guitarist Bob Derwood Andrews and Elizabeth Westwood). Some of my favorite tracks feature the unexpected element of female vocals interwoven with the music, but just about all the songs kept my attention to provide plenty of sonic entertainment. Closing Abu-Dis is the beautiful remix of Bill Laswell's work with Makyo, "Devabansha," feturing swirling Indian strings and minimal soft percussion. It's a fitting finale to this thoroughly enjoyable foray into the art of the remix, Muslimgauze style.

Octavia from Outburn 15, May 2001


Rumours persist that the late Bryn Jones aka Muslimgauze can't be dead but only sleeping. Well, death has done little to slow down the phenomenal release rate of unheard Muslimgauze material. This time round, his spirit is resurrected through a double set of Muslimgauze remixes by (sic) the likes of Talvin Singh, Pearl, Moondogg, Spooncurve and Makyo/Bill Laswell. For those who have never fully got to grips with his vast back catalogue, this compilation of past collaborations could well be the 'access all areas' pass you've been waiting for. Here Moroccan street market samples jostle for space with Techno, big beats and densely packed electronic glitching to create an absorbing new digital Esperanto. The resulting aural hallucinations come across like a Jack Smith film for the ears.

Edwin Pouncey from The Wire209, July 2001