1/  P Spot                                     (Menace)                      5.12
  2/  LSD                                        (Menace)                      4.04
  3/  Give It Away                               (Menace)                      4.30
  4/  Mr Intellectual                            (Menace,Hassan)               5.11
  5/  5 A.M. Wake Up Call                        (Menace,Hassan)               4.29
  6/  End The Sin                                (Menace)                      5.57
  7/  Nu Age Aquarius                            (Menace,MacDermot,Ragni,Rado) 6.01
  8/  Plunk                                      (Menace)                      5.18
  9/  Hold On                                    (Menace)                      3.55
  10/ Backdoor                                   (Menace)                      4.13
  11/ Truth Of Sex                               (Menace)                      5.35
  12/ LSD (Revisisted)                           (Menace)                      5.11

          USA recordings engineered by Julian Baker & David Crafta at Undersound
            Ground Studios, New York City
          Bill Laswell & Umar Bin Hassan recorded at Greenpoint Studios, Brooklyn,
            New York by Bob Musso
          Programming engineer: Julian Baker at Night Owl Studios, NYC
          London recordings recorded at Trinity Studios, London
          London production coordinators: Hooch, Annette, Chris, Jaspar the Vinyl
            Junkie, and the rest of the Nu Funk Mission, Funkin Pussy Crew
          Produced, arranged and mixed by Menace
          Album production coordinator: Duane Snipe
          Management: Dick Vos of World Events and Projects, Holland
Menace: guitars, bass, live drum loops, keyboards, lead vocals; Vincent Henry: sax (1,8); Bruce Purse: rocket trumpet (1,8); Adamhead: rap (1); Kozio: funky clavinet (1,8); Elsa Cornish: vocals (1,3,4,6,7,8,9,10); Duane Snite: Intro Rap (1); Keziah Jones: vocals (2,12); Bedhead : drums, live drum loops (2,3,8,10); Reggie Powe: bass (3,8); Pierre Andre : sax (3,10); Umar Bin Hassan: The Last Poet (4,5); Donald Blackman: electric piano solo (4); Bruce Mack: keyboards (5); Bill Laswell: bass (6,10); Sandra Smith: vocals (6); "Fatty" Black: live drum loops (6,7); Vernon Reid: jazz guitar solo (7); Toby Kasavan : piano solo, chants (7,8); Lady Zara: female ad-libs (7,11); JC001: rap (8); Bootsy Collins: bass (11); Maceo Parker: sax (11); Bastard Bob: drum loops (11); George Clinton: inspiration (11).

          1998 - Blues Interactions/P-Vine Records (Japan), PCD 5354 (CD)