This is a promotional disc of an interview of Monster Magnet's Dave Wyndorf, conducted by Sean Yseult from White Zombie. It also includes two tracks from Monster Magnet's album, DOPES TO INFINITY, as well as a remix of one of those tracks by Bill Laswell.

  1-19/ Interview                                                              31.37
  20/ Negasonic Teenage Warhead (LP version)     (Wyndorf)                     4.39
  21/ Look To Your Orb For the Warning (edit)    (Wyndorf)                     4.43
  22/ Look To Your Orb For the Warning (remix)   (Wyndorf)                     13.05

          Tracks 1-18 designed and executed by Sean Yseult
          Track 19 recorded at Louisiana's Rock, 92.3 WCKW, New Orleans on
            July 31,1995
          Track 19 produced by Jay Hughen
          Tracks 20,21 and 22 recorded at The Magic Shop, New York City
          Tracks 20,21 and 22 produced by Dave Wyndorf and Steve Rosenthal
          Track 22 remixed with additional production and mix translation by
            Bill Laswell
          Track 22 engineered by Robert Musso

          1995 - A&M (USA), AMSAD 00096 (Promo CD)