Improvisations featuring Lytle, Cartwright and Moss joined by George Lewis, Christian Marclay, John Zorn, Tom Cora, Peter Kowald and Bill Laswell.

  1/  Chigger Reel (Quartet)                     (Lytle,Cartwright,DM,Laswell) 0.55
  2/  Crake (Sextet)                             (ML,GC,Moss,BL,Cora,Lewis)    5.17
  3/  Mike Me (Quartet)                          (Lytle,Cartwright,DM,Laswell) 1.11
  4/  Points Blank (Quintet)                     (ML,GC,Moss,Laswell,Kowald)   16.24
  5/  Hard Cash (Quartet)                        (ML,Cartwright,Moss,Marclay)  3.05
  6/  Kissing In the Snow (Quartet)              (Lytle,Cartwright,DM,Marclay) 4.23
  7/  Rugby (Quintet)                            (Zorn)                        13.36	
  8/  5 Years In 10 Seconds                      (Lytle,Cartwright,Moss)       0.10
  9/  Wing & Fin                                 (Lytle,Cartwright,Moss)       3.54
  10/ Yowella / Faded In Hand Delivered Practice (Lytle,Cartwright,Moss)       6.31
  11/ Elewhale Rising                            (Lytle,Cartwright,Moss)       0.41
  12/ Cooling Fingers                            (Lytle,Cartwright,Moss)       3.31
  13/ Possible Beast                             (Lytle,Cartwright,Moss)       1.46
  14/ Cane Cutters                               (Lytle,Cartwright,Moss)       6.50
  15/ This Notice or No Notice                   (Lytle,Cartwright,Moss)       4.51

          Tracks 1-4 and 7 recorded at B.C. Studio, Brooklyn, New York
          Tracks 5 and 6 recorded live at WRPI, Troy, New York
          Tracks 9-15 recorded at WXXI, Rochester, New York
          Tracks 1-4 and 7 recorded by Martin Bisi
          Tracks 5 and 6 recorded by Aaron Heller and David Laskin of WRPI
          Tracks 9-15 recorded by Steve Galasso
          Tracks 9-15 mixed and EQs by Michael Lytle
          Trakcs 9-15 mix engineer: Steve Galasso
          Tracks 1-7 produced by George Cartwright and Michael Lytle
          Tracks 8-15 produced by Michael Lytle, George Cartwright and David Moss
          Executive Producers: Edith Walz, Jochen Kleinhenz and Jurgen Koniger
          CD-premastering by Adrian von Ripka at Bauer Studios, Ludwigsburg
          Digital remastering by Michael Lytle, Elewhale Studios, NYC, Spring 1992
Michael Lytle: clarinet family, game calls, humzoo, electronics, voice, tapes; David Moss: voice, gongs, drums, cymbals, bells, triangles, ratchets, metal pieces, wood, plastics, glass, Bertoia sound sculptures, pods, horns, tubes, zither, autoharp, water; George Cartwright: saxophones, flutes, bird and animal calls, guitar, talking; Tom Cora (2,7): cello, cello resonated objects; Peter Kowald (4): acoustic bass, harmonica; Bill Laswell (1-4): electric bass; George Lewis (2,7): trombone, toys; Christian Marclay (5,6): turntables; John Zorn (7): conductor; Martin Bisi: live 16 to 2 track mix down.

          1981 - Cornpride East Records (???), CPE 0004 (Vinyl)
          1986 - No Man's Land (Germany), nml 8604 (Vinyl)
          1993 - No Man's Land, nml  8604cd (CD)