1/  Penny                                      (Fredricks)                   5.17
  2/  Twilght Drive                              (Fredricks)                   3.21
  3/  Seven Headed Queen                         (Fredricks)                   3.16
  4/  Fate                                       (Fredricks)                   2.33
  5/  Forever Came Today                         (Fredricks)                   4.12
  6/  No Such Thing                              (Fredricks)                   2.33
  7/  Legends of America                         (Fredricks,Saisse)            3.31
  8/  80 Worlds                                  (Fredricks)                   4.34
  9/  Blue Lanarian                              (Fredricks)                   3.36
  10/ Preincarnation                             (Fredricks)                   3.16

          Recorded at Millbrook Studios, Millbrook, New York, Noise Productions, New
            York, New York, Greenpoint Studios, Brooklyn, New York and Applehead
            Studios, Woodstock, New York
          Engineer at Millbrook Studios: Paul Orofino
          Engineers at Noise Productions: David Beal, Frank Papito and Roey Shamir
          Engineers at Greenpint Studios: Robert Musso and Oz Fritz
          Engineer at Applehead Studios: Michael Birnbaum
          Assistant at Applehead  Studios: Sean Green
          Digital Editing: Ted Orr
          Mixed by Jason Corsaro at Platinum Island, New York and Ambient Studios,
            Stamford, CT
          Track 1 mixed by Michael abirnbaum at Bearsville Studio, Bearsville, NY
          Produced by Masters of None
          Executive Producer: John T. Materazzo
          Mastered at Frankford Wayne by Michael Montenero
Randy Fredricks: vocals, guitars; David Beal: drums, percussion; Pura Fe: vocals; Soni: vocals; Bill Laswell (3,5,7,8,10): bass; Erik Sanko (2,4,6,9): bass; Stomu Takeishi (1): bass; Aaron "Luie" Hurwitz (1): accordion.

          1994 - Hudson Canyon Records (USA), HCD 8650 (CD)