1/  For a Few Dollars More                     (Morricone)                   3.41
  2/  Bustin' Out (Version Longue)               (BL,MB,FM,Hendryx,Drayton)    7.50
  3/  For a Few Dollars More (Special Long Ver.) (Morricone)                   7.10
  4/  Bustin' Out                                (BL,MB,FM,Hendryx,Drayton)    3.35
  5/  It's a Holiday                             (Laswell,MB,NH,Maher,Drayton) 6.56
  6/  Over & Over                                (Laswell,MB,Maher,Drayton)    5.37

          Recorded at O.A.O Studio, Brooklyn, New York and RPM Sound Studio, NYC
          Tracks 1 and 3 recorded at Radio City and Green Street Studios
          Engineered by Martin Bisi
          Assistant engineers at RPM: Robin Danar, Dominick Maita and Mike Krowiak
          Tracks 1 and 3 engineered by Robert Musso
          Tracks 1 and 3 mixed by Dave Jerden
          Produced by Material
          Remastered at Orange Music Sound by James Dellatacoma
Nona Hendryx: lead vocals (2,4,5,6); Michael Beinhorn: synthesizers, DMX (1,3); Bill Laswell: basses; Ronnie Drayton: guitar (2,4,5,6); Fred Maher: drums (2,4,5,6); Daniel Ponce: bata (1,3), bells (1,3); Henry Kaiser: guitar (1,3); Anton Fier: drums (1,3); Grand Mixer D.ST: turntables (1,3); Robert Musso: acoustic guitar (1,3).

          2018 - Bill Laswell self-released