IíM THE ONE (12")

  1/  I'm the One                                (Beinhorn,Laswell,Fowler)     4.42
  2/  Don't Lose Control                         (Beinhorn,Laswell)            4.02

          Recorded at O.A.O Studio, Brooklyn, New York and RPM Sound Studio,
            New York City
          Track 2 mixed by Martin Bisi and Material
          Track 1 remixed by Jason Luongo
          Remix engineer: Jay Mark
          Produced by Material
(1) Bill Laswell: basses; Michael Beinhorn: synthesizers; R. Bernard Fowler: lead vocals, background vocals; Nile Rodgers: guitar; Raymond Jones: Yamaha CP-70B electric piano; Daniel Ponce: bongos; Tony Thompson: drums; (2) Bill Laswell : basses; Michael Beinhorn: synthesizers; Nicky Skopelitis: guitar, voice; Daniel Ponce: bongos; Tony Thompson: drums; Thi-Linh Le & Jean Karakos: voice.

          1982 - Ariola, (Germany), 105 054-100 (7")	
          1982 - Elektra Records (USA), 7-69933 (7")
Note: The track times between the two releases differ, and the German version contains remixes of both tracks.