1/  Preface                                    (Allen,Beinhorn)              1.28
  2/  Much Too Old                               (Allen,Laswell)               2.43
  3/  Black September                            (Allen,Cultreri)              4.03
  4/  Materialism                                (Laswell,Cultreri)            3.12
  5/  Strong Woman                               (Allen,Bacon)                 4.30
  6/  I Am a Freud                               (Allen)                       1.46
  7/  O My Photograph                            (Allen)                       9.10
  8/  Jungle Windo(w)                            (Allen)                       6.19
  9/  Hours Gone                                 (Allen)                       4.05

          Recorded at B.M.O., Willow, New York 1979
          Produced by Daevid Allen
Bill Laswell: bass guitar; Bill Bacon: drums (1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9); Fred Maher: drums (1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9); Cliff Cultreri: guitar solo (2,3,4,6,7); Gary Windo: tenorsax (8); Michael Beinhorn: synth (1); Don Davis: altosax (6); Mark Kramer: cheap organ (9); Daevid Allen: rhythm guitar, glissando guitar (4,5,7), vocals.

          1979 - Charly (UK), CRL 5021 (Vinyl)
          1980 - Oxford (Italy), OX/3228 (Vinyl)
          1990 - Charly (UK), CD LIK 73 (CD)
          1994 - Spalax Music (USA), 14832 (CD)


Gong gone punk. About Time documents Daevid Allen's 1979 New York trip to partake of the then-happenin' CBGB's scene. The new sound is an odd hybrid of psychedelia ("Preface"), new wave ("I Am a Freud") and punk ("Much Too Old"), with a lyrical sentiment reminiscent of early-'70s Gong ("Jungle Window"). The CD opens with an effects-laden recording of Allen reciting his "trippy" poetry. Some of the compositions, like "I Am a Freud," bleed quirky rhythms and melodies resembling the work of the League of Gentlemen and Talking Heads. "Materialism" and "Strong Woman" feature Allen's glissando guitar, which seems a forerunner to the sound Fripp and Belew employed on their early-'80s King Crimson projects. "Materialism," penned by Laswell, is a standout with its dominating bass driving home the groove. Another highlight is "Jungle Window," the most Gong-like piece in the set, featuring Gary Windo's jagged sax and Laswell's popping bass. About Time is a solid CD which pleasantly expands Allen's repertoire.

David Ross Smith (courtesy of the All Music Guide, via the Get Music website)


What a corking change of direction this record was after David's last few spacey and inconsistent records we suddenly get this. A new set of Musicians and a new city are the back drop for this studio LP. Right from the Greetings of the first track we are warned that a change is coming. Much Too Old , starts the proceedings properer with a great up tempo number and some of Davids best lyrics ever, nothing flippy or floppy here but the politics of ageism. Strong woman hints a little that David may not have been quite so happy about being with another woman and missing Gilli a bit. I am Freud I am not longer very young...carries the theme of ageing disgracefully into My photograph which is a disjointed riff in keeping with this deeply personal albums examination of self in middle age. This Lp is over far to quickly and leaves one ready the play it again. Possible David finest solo effort certainly a very up tempo and refreshing recording. Only good morning which is very different comes close in my personal Gong top ten. All in all this is a fine record with a good production a very up front sound. Excellent !!

4 out of 5 stars

Sean Trane (courtesy of the Prog Archives website)