Psychedelic Brunch
  1/  Part I                                                                   0.14
  2/  Part II                                    (Namlook,Schulze)             4.30
  3/  Part III                                   (Namlook,Schulze,Laswell)     8.29
  4/  Part IV                                    (Namlook,Schulze)             3.45
  5/  Part V                                     (Namlook,Schulze)             16.21
  6/  Part VI                                    (Namlook,Schulze)             8.44
  7/  Part VII                                   (Namlook,Schulze,Laswell)     9.50
  8/  Part VIII                                  (Namlook,Schulze)             8.22

          Recorded at Klanglabor, Frankfurt, Germany, Moldau Music Studio and
            Greenpoint Studio, Brooklyn, New York
          Engineer at Greenpoint: Robert Musso
          Produced by Peter Kuhlman
          Artwork by Yoko Yamabe @ Randesign (Bandcamp release)
Pete Namlook & Klaus Schulze: sounds, treatments; Bill Laswell (3,7): bass, sounds; Robert Moog (1): voice.

          1996 - FAX  +49-69/450464 (Germany), PK 08/123 (CD)
          1998 - Ambient World (Germany), AW 015 (CD)
          200? - Ambient World (Germany), AW 015 2nd edition (CD)
          2016 - Made In Germany (Germany), MIG 01392 (5CD)
          2019 - Music on Vinyl (Europe), MOVLP2477 (2x12")
          2020 - Bill Laswell Bandcamp (digital)


Robert Moog himself introduces this Dark Side of the Moog chapter (Part I). Part II is Klaus playing nothing but the Moogs, a ceremonious strings overture. Part III, VI and VIII are kind of a trilogy. 'Smacking' electro beats and arpeggio sounds, a long sublime strings part by Klaus in Part VI. In Part VIII it culminates with choirs and one of the best melodies heard on FAX. In Part IV Klaus comes with a violin-sounding interlude. V is the longest part (16:21) very lully, warm and esoteric atmosphere, I always think of glowing fire when listening to this. In VII Bill Laswell shows up with 10 mins of very spooky drone sounds, like the slowed and pitched down sound of a wind tunnel... When this album came out it was christmas time - and it really has a special solemn character. I remember I loved this disc that time, but today (Y2K) I would not care about it - if there weren't the last two tracks that are fantastic! And Klaus' string parts are still nice to remember in christmas time ;-)

Wolfgang Röttger (review courtesy of the website)