1/  Promises (Come4t 2 a Fool)                 (Nauhaus,Xanu,Rosen,Bakare)   5.11
  2/  Rebel Rock                                 (Rosendahl,Bakare)            4.44
  3/  Unity and Faith                            (Neuhaus,Xanu,Bakare)         4.17
  4/  Burn Like Rome                             (Neuhaus,Xanu,Rosen,Bakare)   3.39

          Recorded at Tan Tan Plage, Portugal and Private Room Studio, Germany
          Produced by N-Factor
          Mixed by Bill Laswell, from original mixes by Xanu, the Skin
Wally "Fury" B. and MC Pacman : vocals; Operator Skinny T. : drums, medical engineering; Rosy Rose : guitars; Xanu : bass, midical engineering; Shut el Harab : kanon, binder, wassafeife.

          199? - no label noted (Germany), 207 DMG 3453 (12")
          1992 - Ariola/BMG (Germany), 74321 11075 2 (CD Single)
Note: Bill Laswell does not play on this album.
Note: The 12" contains the album mix, a dub mix and one additional remix.