Y34RZ3R0E3M1X3D (Vinyl version)

 Side 1
  A1/  Gunshots by Computer                      (Reznor)                      1.43
         Saul Williams
  A2/  The Great Destroyer                       (Reznor)                      4.39
  A3/  My Violent Heart                          (Reznor)                      2.34
         Pirate Robot Midget
  A4/  The Beginning Of The End                  (Reznor)                      4.21
         Ladytron J-Type Overdrive
  A5/  Capital G                                 (Reznor)                      7.26
         Epworth Phones

 Side 2 
  B1/  The Warning                               (Reznor)                      3.44
         Stefan Goodchild featuring Doudou N'Diaye Rose
  B2/  Meet Your Master                          (Reznor)                      3.35
         The Faint
  B3/  God Given                                 (Reznor)                      4.28
         Stephen Morris & Gillian Gilbert
  B4/  Vessel (Mix 1)                            (Reznor)                      9.23
         Bill Laswell 

 Side 3 
  C1/  Capital G                                 (Reznor)                      5.00
  C2/  Me, I'm Not                               (Reznor)                      14.01
         Olof Dreijer

 Side 4 
  D1/  The Good Soldier                          (Reznor)                      8.05
         'Sam Fog' (of Interpol)
  D2/  Vessel (Mix 2)                            (Reznor)                      12.58
         Bill Laswell
 Side 5 
  E1/  Capital G (Finite Climax Mix)             (Reznor)                      5.04
  E2/  Another Version of the Truth              (Reznor)                      4.25
         Kronos Quartet & Enrique Gonzalez Müller
  E3/  In This Twilight                          (Reznor)                      4.37
  E4/  Zero-Sum                                  (Reznor)                      5.39
         Stephen Morris & Gillian 

          Original tracks recorded all over the world
          Original tracks engineered by Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross, Alan Moulder, 
            Brett Bachemin, Doug Trantow, Alan Mason
          Produced by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross
          Remixes produced by the respective artists
          Engineer on tracks B4 and D1: Robert Musso
          Assistant on tracks B4 and D1: James Dellatacoma
          Mastered by Boris Gardner
          Tracks B4 and D1 mastered by Michael Fossenkemper
Bill Laswell (B4,D1): bass, additional production; Fanu (B4,D1): beats.

          2007 - Interscope (USA), B0010367-1 (2x12" + 1 single sided 12")