HOME (12")

  1/  Round                                      (Lydon,Schulz)                 5.41
  2/  Home (single version)                      (Lydon,Laswell)                4.20
  3/  Home (album version)                       (Lydon,Laswell)                4.29

          Recorded at Power Station, New York City, Quad Recording Studios, New York
            City, Electric Lady Studios, New York City and RPM Studios, New York City
          Produced by Bill Laswell/Material and John Lydon
John Lydon: vocals; Tony Williams and Ginger Baker: drums; Steve Vai and Nicky Skopelitis: guitars; Malachai Favors: bass; Jonas Hellborg: acoustic bass; Bill Laswell: bass; Bernie Worrell: organ; Ryuichi Sakamoto: Fairlight CMI; L. Shankar: violins; Aiyb Dieng: chatan; Bernard Fowler: background vocals; Steve Turre: didjeridu.

          1986 - Virgin (UK), VS 855 (7")
          1986 - Virgin (UK), VS 855/12 (12")
Note: The 7" only contains Round and the single version of Home.