1/  In Times of Horror                          (Laswell,Buckethead,Rammellzee) 1.44

          Recorded at Greenpoint Studios, Brooklyn, NYC and Orange Music, West Orange, NJ
          Engineered by Robert Musso and James Dellatacoma
          Produced by Bill Laswell
          M.O.D. Technologies: Yoko Yamabe
          M.O.D. Support: David Brunelle
Bill Laswell: bass, noise; Buckethead: guitar; John Zorn: screams, alto saxophone; RAMM:ELL:ZEE: vocals.

          2014 - M.O.D. Technologies Digital (USA), MODDS00004 (digital)


Following in the footsteps of Sound Virus, Praxis returns for a single act of twisted faith. Featuring bassist and depth-bringer Bill Laswell, guitar alien Buckethead, and underground dot-connector John Zorn, this blast of hell heat overlays vocals from hip-hop artist extraordinaire and hero of the abyss, RAMM:SLL:ZSS (1960-2010).

Less than two minutes in time, but infinite in effect, “In Times of Horror” takes a drill to the tooth of a deity in agony. Its spiraling guitar, newly struck lyrics, and whirring core-grist bring a more guttural treatment to this archival classic. It is a morsel of rock turned into steel, then hammered into a spaceship of moon-destroying virtue. The abuse is at once robotic and as organic as dusk. It turns on an axis like a stick making fire on a bed of dry grass, inhaling smoke until it passes out.

The shop of time reopens for no one once the sign says CLOSED.

Tyran Grillo (courtesy of the ECM Reviews website)