23|20 (CD version)

  1/  Gnostic Circles                            (Bernocchi)                   4.29
  2/  Adventurous Contemporary Tune              (Bernocchi)                   2.39
  3/  Camera Documentable Parade of Nudity       (Bernocchi,Krol)              3.50
  4/  Late May                                   (Bernocchi,Tiso,Tiso)         6.54
  5/  Here Not                                   (Bernocchi)                   3.28
  6/  Plan To Breed and Domesticate              (Bernocchi)                   4.15
  7/  Voodoo Inside Anxiety Spins Like           (Bernocchi)                   3.17
        Contraband Prank Principles
  8/  Recovery of the Irrevocable Star           (Bernocchi)                   5.02
  9/  Restrain and Discover Gist Engagement      (Bernocchi)                   5.54
  10/ Invasion of Earth by a Malevolent Horde    (Bernocchi)                   4.07
  11/ Soil Borne Bacterium Root To Insect        (Bernocchi,Della Volpe)       4.17
        Pests & Safe To Higher
  12/ Legacy of Identity Politics                (Bernocchi)                   3.51
        (Kill, Kill, Kill)
  13/ Overwhelming Destroyer                     (Bernocchi)                   5.06
  14/ Wall of                                    (Bernocchi)                   5.46
  15/ Softer Than Anything They Experience       (EB,Iriondo,MP,Battaglia)     4.14
  16/ Manifold Miasma Lunacy	                 (Bernocchi)                   3.33

          Recorded and produced through 2005 and 2006 at Verba Corrige, SRS and
            various World Locations 
          Recorded and engineered by Eraldo Bernocchi
          Vocals on track 11 recorded by Marco "La Nonna" Posocco
          Global/Local Inputs, sources and coordination by P.NG5361.Bandera
          Produced by Sigillum S
          Executive Produced by Eraldo Bernocchi and P.NG5361.Bandera
          Artwork concept, graphics and photos by Petulia Mattioli aka PM.Koma
          Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper at Turtletone Studios, New York City
SIGILLUM S (here): P.NG361.Bandera, Eraldo Bernocchi and Luca Di Giorgio: sound construction; Audio Contributions - Claudio Agostoni, Andrea Marutti, Mark Solotroff, Karyn and all Crisis members, Ephel Duath, Raiz, Bill Laswell, Zu, Zabler Iriondo, Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari, Gudrun Gut, Toshinori Kondo, Thomas Fehlmann, Professor Shehab/Baboon Records, SH Fernando/WordSound Records Martino Nicoletti and Antonio Denti.

          2007 - Verba Corrige (Italy), VCP009 (CD) 
Note: This was also released as a double-LP. Seven tracks are exclusive to this release; seven are exclusive to the double-LP (for a total of 23 unique tracks between the two editions).


After seven years from their latest release, Sigillum S (Eraldo Bernocchi, Paolo Bandera and Luca Digiorgio) are back to celebrate their twenty years of activity. The new album 23120 has been issued as CD and limited double vinyl and they differ because they have seven exclusive tracks each, for a total of 23 new tracks. At the moment I received only the CD edition, so I'm going to talk about that one. I know Sigillum S since day one and I must say that I appreciated a lot their early stuff and a bit less the "Malattia" saga, musically talking. With 23120 they are back with a sound that sum twenty years of musical experiences that the trio had with Sigillum S and also with many other projects (Eraldo collaborated with many dub/experimental music gods as well as Paolo gathered many recordings under the Sshe Retina Stimulants moniker where we can see him as noise manipulator or under the Komplet one). As far as I understood Paolo gathered tons of sound sources (noises, electronics, samples, etc.) and Eraldo recorded and engineered everything. Many other people helped them with audio contributions (Andrea Marutti, Zu, Xabier Iriondo, Mark Solotroff to name few) and some tracks see also guests on vocals, guitars, etc. The sixteen tracks of the CD edition amaze first of all because the sound production and because the "thick" ambience they are able to create. If you want me to be more specific, I can talk about 23120 as a great obscure ambient dub album with many industrial and experimental inserts. You can find tension on each track and if on the dub/industrial crossover of "Soil-Borne Bacterium Root To Insect Pets & Safe To Higher" it explodes (thanks to the distorted vocals of Della Volpe), on tracks like "Legacy Of Identity Politics (Kill, Kill, Kill)" (which reminds the sound of one of their old tapes "Bardo Thos-Ghrol) or "Adventurous Contemporary Tune" is something more subtle, more like a crawling sensation. Great sounds and great atmospheres are making of this album a really good come back for Sigillum S. Do yourself a favor and check it!

4 1/2 out of 5 stars

Maurizio Pustianaz (courtesy of the Chain D.L.K. website)


After nearly eight years of silence, Sigillum S returns with a new album, "23/20," to celebrate their 20th anniversary. As part of this celebration the album will be released in two formats: CD and a double-LP -- each providing a number of exclusive tracks and a unique listening experience.

Opening with a track of aggressive distorted percussion and electronic drones, the CD takes the listener on a sinusoidal journey, fluxuating across both intensely aggressive and severely dark tracks.

The LP, on the other hand, is for the manic-depressive: the first disc is filled with hypnoticly brooding tracks, while the second features more aggressive, noisy, and rhythmic material.

It is quite evident that Eraldo and Paolo have taken the experiences from their numerous solo and collaborative efforts and fused them with the philosophies and sounds of Sigillum S.

The listener will find elements of dub, noise, drum 'n' bass, glitch, ethnic, and even a bit of metal in the music, but all within the context of the classic disturbed post-industrial sound and haunting atmosphere of Sigillum S.

As usual with their work, it is very difficult to describe their music as a whole so I will focus on a small selection of tracks that particularly caught my attention:

* "Adventurous Contemporary Tune" begins with a storm of deep noisy feedback sounds with a slow and sad melody of horns. Passive and bright percussive sounds and sometimes emotional synths try to work their way through the heavy storm clouds like rays of sunlight only to be continuously drowned out as electric guitar sounds chisel away at the scene.

* "Camera Documentable Parade Of Nudity" is filled with noisy rhythmic beats, screamed and spoken vocals, synthesized guitar, and a metal-like intensity in the heavier and grittier sections. The music and the lyrics are, surprisingly, rather catchy on this track which seems to defy all genre categorizations.

* "Recovery Of The Irrevocable Star" is the most directly reminiscent of the Sigillum S material from the early 1990s. Beginning with a heavy wave of dark ambient sound, the track grows with bells and other percussion combined with distant melodic drones and electronic pulses to create a rather brooding atmosphere as noisy synthesizer work fades in and out. The track seems to pull the listener into some underwater Atlantean domain filled with strange creatures and ghosts from a mysterious past.

* "Restrain And Discover Gist Engagement" opens with slow rhythmic echoed percussion which grows in complexity and speed as a layer of ambient fog flows over the land accompanied by ghastly horns while dub sounds try to break forth from beneath the ground and feedback drones appear on the horizon. Meditative, melancholic, and hypnotic, the listener has been transported to some inner wasteland of the mind.

* "Overwhelming Destroyer" builds up with a thick wall of distorted guitar and accompanying percussion which continues throughout much the song. The track is generally quite rhythmic in nature but is punctuated by sustained ethnic melodies and ritual horns, as well as a host of other bizarre sounds. The track plods along deep into hell, dragging the listener along.

The album is filled with an amazing host of colliding and clashing sounds and styles, constructing a memorable listening experience. With this new album, Sigillum S breaks lots of new ground, but managed in a way that doesn't compromise the unique intense complexity, deformed beauty, deranged horror, and arcane mystery found in all their works. The sounds on the album are incredibly dense and rich, and it features a masterful production. "23/20" is a must for fans of Sigillum S -- and for anyone wanting to hear something both incredible and novel. It is a truly remarkable and memorable recording. An arcane yet visceral technological ritual for the 21st century.

(edited to contain only tracks found on the CD version - Silent Dave) Kyle A. Wright (courtesy of the Diophantine Discs website)