1/  Jerusalem                                  (Somma)                       9.52
  2/  To the East                                (Somma)                       8.06
  3/  Sind                                       (Farualla)                    2.58
  4/  Chonyd Bardo                               (Somma)                       4.09
  5/  Tenzin Travel                              (Somma)                       10.09
  6/  Sidpa Bardo                                (Somma)                       9.04
  7/  Bhavacakra                                 (Somma)                       11.38
  8/  Tibetan National Anthem                    (Somma)                       7.18

          Recorded May 28 in Milan, Teatro Dal Verme
          Engineered by Oz Fritz
          Edited, mixed and produced by Eraldo Bernocchi at The Place, Italy
          Live Visuals, Stage Design and Artwork: Petulia Mattioli
          Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper at Turtletone
Bill Laswell: bass; Hamid Drake: drums, percussion; Eraldo Bernocchi: treated guitars; Nils Petter Molvaer: trumpet; Faraualla: vocals; Raiz: vocals; Tibetan Monks: horns, vocals; Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari: vocals.

          2010 - Rare Noise Records (UK), RNR004 (CD)