1/  Stand Up!                                  (Salas,DeVillar,Huxley)       4.31
  2/  Blind                                      (SS,DeVillar,Watson,Huxley)   4.50
  3/  Caught In the Middle of It                 (Salas)                       3.56
  4/  Just Like That                             (Salas)                       3.55
  5/  Two Bullets and a Gun                      (Salas,Huxley)                4.39
  6/  The Harder They Come                       (Salas)                       4.50
  7/  Over and Over Again                        (Salas,Huxley)                3.40
  8/  Baby Walk On                               (Salas)                       4.11
  9/  Indian Chief                               (Salas)                       3.37
  10/ Cover Me                                   (Salas,Battle,Huxley)         4.45

          Recorded at Sorceror Sound, New York, June 1989
          Additional recording at Powertrax Studios, Hollywood and PMS Studios, LA
          Engineered by Robert Musso
          Assistant engineer: Oz Fritz
          Engineer at Powertrax: Kevin Smith
          Engineer at PMS: Paul Dugre
          Mixed by Jason Corsaro at Platinum Island
          Assistants: Oz Frtiz and Judy Kirschner
          Track 5 mixed by Robert Musso at Platinum Island
          Produced by Bill Laswell and Stevie Salas
Stevie Salas: guitars, lead & background vocals; Winston A. Watson Jr.: drums, percussion, background vocals; C.J. DeVillar: bass, bass sitar, background vocals; Gary "Mudbone" Cooper: background vocals; Jeff Bova (3,4,6,9): keyboards; Bernie Worrell (1,8): bass synth; Nicky Skopelitis: preproduction assistance; Bootsy Collins (5): long distance telerap; Arte Smith: equipment and couch consultant.

          1990 - Island (USA), 422-842 318-1 (Vinyl)
          1990 - Island (USA), 422-842 318-2 (CD)
Note: Bill Laswell does not play on this album.


Singer/guitarist Stevie Salas and his band Colorcode deliver a set of rockers that recall Prince, Hendrix, Pat Travers, and some of the guitar heroics of Van Halen. Salas' fretwork is the star of the show here, although his songwriting competes for equal billing on muscular tunes like "Two Bullets and a Gun," "The Harder They Come," and "Stand Up!" A strong pop sensibility runs throughout the album, making it enjoyable for people who are not just guitar aficionados. "Indian Chief," a touching, Hendrix-inspired ode to Salas' father, is an understated highlight. Co-produced by Bill Laswell.

Andy Hinds (courtesy of the All Music Guide website)