The soundtrack to the film by Skiz Fernando, head of WordSound.

  1/  Sensi For Sale - Scotty Hard               (Harding)                     1.36
  2/  The 411 - Mental Nomad                     (Mentol Nomad)                0.34
  3/  Peepin' - Mental Nomad                     (Mentol Nomad)                1.21
  4/  How 'Bout Some Credit - Sensational        (Sensational)                 4.11
  5/  Put the Money in the Bag - Spectre         (Fernando)                    2.46
  6/  Zen's Theme - Laswell                      (Laswell)                     5.47
  7/  Freakspeak - Mental Nomad                  (Mental Nomad)                1.03
  8/  Yae Yo - Spectre                           (Fernando)                    3.36
  9/  Psychotropical Heatwave - Prince Charming  (Lasar)                       4.08
  10/ Father & Son - Spectre                     (Fernando)                    2.20
  11/ Creepin' - Sensational                     (Sensational)                 1.21
  12/ Hustlin' - Spectre & Sensational           (Fernando,Sensational)        3.45
  13/ In the Projects - Spectre                  (Fernando)                    1.53
  14/ Lubrication - Sensational                  (Sensational)                 1.24
  15/ Steady Bootleggin' - Scotty Hard           (Harding)                     0.38
  16/ Scheming on a Come Up - Spectre            (Fernando)                    3.31
  17/ Sly Vengense - Mental Nomad                (Mental Nomad)                1.16
  18/ Hidden Agenda - Spectre                    (Fernando)                    1.27
  19/ Third Eye Dub - Bill Laswell               (Laswell)                     5.07
  20/ Original Groove - Sensational              (Sensational)                 3.30
  21/ After Hours - Scotty Hard                  (Harding)                     2.06
  22/ Let the Drums Roll - UV Ray                (????)                        7.48
  23/ Third Degree Burn -                        (Dead Mode)                   3.08
        Mr Dead featuring Big Pat and Mentallica

          Recorded at various locations in Brooklyn and beyond
          Compiled by the Ill Saint
          Executive Producer: SKZA
          Mastered by Mike Fossenkemper at Turtle Tone Studios

          2002 - WordSound (USA), WSCD042 (CD)


Crooked film score doesnít work very well off the screen, however. These sounds are widely uneventful and suffer without the filmís images giving them dimension. That said, "Zenís Theme" by Bill Laswell does work extraordinarily, even if the other companions on this 23-track score do not. Itís a weird and funky bad-ass theme song with a guitar line that evokes plenty of mood and a crying trumpet sure to break any heart it encounters through its careening melancholy.

There are a few sparse moments that do glide through without the need of imagery, sounds that run the gamut between foggy and sinister to evil hip-hop backbeats that funk things up even while dipping a listener right into an aural dread. This is a paradise if one is to take the strong and thick beats and appreciate them without catchy rhythmic hooks or extended song structures. Instead, these are brief urban beats meant to hammer home the mood of a story. And that story ainít too bad, but it is made all the richer through the work contained here.

Bill Whiting-Mahoney (courtesy of the Techno Punk website)