1/  Haigyo                                     (The Stalin)                  4.48
  2/  M-16                                       (The Stalin)                  4.48
  3/  T-Legs                                     (The Stalin)                  6.41
  4/  Bye-Bye "Nietzsche"                        (The Stalin)                  2.44
  5/  Akumade Awaremu Uta                        (The Stalin)                  6.14
  6/  Fish Inn                                   (The Stalin)                  10.43

          Recorded at Onkio Haus Studio and Magnet Studio, 1986
          Health and Art Consultant: Bill Laswell
          Re-Produced and engineered by Robert Musso
Michiro Endo: vocals; Masayuki Ono: guitars; Jun Inui: drums; Hiroshi Higo: bass; Bill Laswell: six string bass; Sonny Sharrock: guitar; Hiroyuki Namba: keyboards.

          1986 - Japan Records (Japan), 28JAL-3079 (Vinyl)
          1990 - Wax Records/Tokuma (Japan),  TKCA-30105  (CD)
Note: This is a remixed version of The Stalin's album of the same name from 1984.