1/  Get To This, Get To That                   (Sly,Robbie,Fowler,Worrell)   3.35
      (vocal/edited remix)
  2/  Get To This, Get To That                   (Sly,Robbie,Fowler,Worrell)   5.16
  3/  Get To This, Get To That                   (Sly,Robbie,Fowler,Worrell)   5.00
  4/  Get To This, Get To That                   (Sly,Robbie,Fowler,Worrell)   3.10
      (edited LP version)
  5/  Get To This, Get To That                   (Sly,Robbie,Fowler,Worrell)   5.17
      (LP version)

          Recorded at RPM Recording Studios, New York City, Compass Point Studios,
            Nassau, Bahamas, Dynamic Sound Studio and Channel One Studio,
            Kingston, Jamaica
          Produced by Bill Laswell/Material
          Mixed by Paul "Groucho" Smykle
Sly Dunbar: Simmons drums, percussion; Robbie Shakespeare: bass; Wally Badarou: synthesizer; Herbie Hancock: keyboards; Bernie Worrell: keyboards; Robbie Lyn: piano, synthesizer, organ; Manu Dibango: vocals, saxophone; Bob Dylan: vocals, guitar, harmonica; Afrika Bambaataa: vocals; Doug E. Fresh: vocals; Bernard Fowler: vocals; Eddie Martinez: guitar; Mike Hampton: guitar; Pat Thrall: guitar; Mikey Chung: guitar; Barry Reynolds: guitar; Daniel Ponce: percussion; Clive Smith: Fairlight CMI programming.

          1985 - Island Records (UK), 12 IS 238 (12")
          1985 - Island Records (USA), IS 1059 (12")
          1985 - Island Records (USA), 0-96847 (12")
          1985 - Island Records (USA), DMD 893 (Promo 12")
Note: Only the promo 12" contains all the tracks. Other versions contain the vocal mix and dub/instrumental mix.
Note: Bill Laswell does not play on this album.