1/  Blind Willie                               (Sharrock)                    4.50
  2/  Devils Doll Baby                           (Sharrock)                    4.07
  3/  Broken Toys                                (Sharrock)                    6.33
  4/  Black Bottom                               (Sharrock)                    3.56
  5/  Kula-Mae                                   (Sharrock)                    5.05
  6/  Princess Sonata                            (Sharrock)                    13.00
      - Princess and the Magician
      - Like Voices of Sleeping Birds
      - Flowers Laugh
      - They Enter the Dream

          Recorded and mixed at RPM Studio, New York City by Mike Krowiak
          Assistant Engineer: Jeff Lippay
          Produced by Bill Laswell and Sonny Sharrock
Sonny Sharrock: guitars.

          1986 - Enemy (USA), EMY 102-1 (Vinyl)
          1986 - Enemy (USA), EMY 102-2 (CD)
Note: Bill Laswell does not play on this album.


This is pure, undiluted Sonny Sharrock. Taking advantage of the overdubbing process, Sharrock accompanies himself in a series of duets that demonstrate the range of his playing, from menacing to tender. The songs are fairly simple; a brief introduction and chord statement lays the foundation, then Sharrock flies about on top of it. The purity of his tone is both powerful and beautiful. "Broken Toys" is almost like a lullaby after the flying shrapnel of "Devils Doll Baby," where Sharrock shows off his dizzying, visceral slide guitar technique. "Black Bottom" is his take on the blues. "Princess Sonata" is a beautiful suite that encompasses all these aspects of his playing. Guitar makes a nice counterpoint to both Seize the Rainbow, a more rock-oriented release, and Ask the Ages, his reunion with Pharoah Sanders. Bill Laswell deserves some credit for revitalizing Sharrock's career in the '80s, and for sympathetic production on all three of these recordings. Guitar is a beautiful statement by one of jazz music's most unique voices.

Sean Westergaard (courtesy of the All Music Guide via the Get Music website)