1/  Gathering Power                            (Rayburn,Stramp)              9.20
  2/  The Circular Valley                        (Rayburn,Stramp)              8.42
  3/  Relocations                                (Rayburn,Stramp)              4.19
  4/  Within Silence                             (Rayburn,Stramp)              3.53
  5/  Invisible Rhythm                           (Rayburn,Stramp)              13.37
  6/  Temple Sleep                               (Rayburn,Stramp)              13.58
  7/  Lament                                     (Rayburn,Stramp)              1.58
  8/  Where Tears Begin                          (Rayburn,Stramp)              10.25
  9/  Behind the Sky                             (Rayburn,Stramp)              4.47
  10/ Epiphany                                   (Rayburn,Stramp)              6.55

          Recorded at Ancient Sun Studios from 1991-1995
          Recorded and mastered by Crystal M. Rayburn and Barry Stramp
Crystal Michelle Rayburn: keyboards, synthesizers, samples, drones; Barry Stramp: bamboo flutes, guitar, voice, computer, treatments; Joel Young (1,2): percussion; Bill Laswell (3): sound sculpture.

          1996 - Ancient Sun Music (USA), ASM2006CD (CD)


Aptly titled, this CD’s very textural and ambient approach to recording has hidden the obvious trademarks of a more syncopated and percussive agenda. Satori relies more on sonorous orchestral drones and less on lyricism to create tapestries which are dark and gestative. Cinematic and cool, it’s hard not to note ‘Invisible Rhythms’ aural metaphors and dalliance into feminine symbolism: that which is moody, minimalistic, unconscious, and vegetative—full of the prima materia of life, the primordial and existentialist plasma from which the differentiating consciousness emerges. . .the uroboros. . .the cosmic egg. . .the Great Mother herself! I thought a lava lamp would be nice addition to contemplate while listening to this CD and giving birth to God knows what!

TM (review courtesy of the Napra website)


Invisible Rhythm is a magical, hypnotic album, which transports the listener to a primal world of mystery and sensuality. Crystal Michelle Rayburn and Barry Stramp use drones, synthesizers, and flutes in an East Indian idiom to create music vibrant with power. The work strongly reminds me of the similar eastern-based world music of Robert Rich, Al Gromer Khan, and Bill Laswell (the last actually contributing to this release), and in my opinion rivals the best of their work. All tracks are wonderful, but I find the title track particularly mesmerizing. This will likely be one of my picks for best new age/ambient/world music CD of 1996. If you have not yet listened to Invisible Rhythm, try to find the opportunity soon!

Jeff Johansen (courtesy of the Music for Asylums website)