1/  Kaigara-Bushi (Bill Laswell remix)                                        11.45
    Originally recorded and mixed at Orange Music Sound Studio, NJ, October 17-19, 2000
    Engineered by Robert Musso
    Remixed 2014 by Bill Laswell at Orange Music
    Produced by Bill Laswell and Akira Sakata
    Originally mastered October 21, 2000 by Michael Fossenkemper at Turtletone Studio
    M.O.D. Technologies: Yoko Yamabe
    M.O.D. Support: David Brunelle
Akira Sakata: vocal, alto saxophone, synthesizer; Pete Cosey: electric guitar; Hamid Drake: drums, congas; Bill Laswell: electric bass, synth bass.

          2014 - M.O.D. Technologies Digital (USA), MODDS00007 (digital single)


From this archival trove comes Bill Laswell’s remix of “Kaigarabushi,” which holds fast to its original drone but pencils in hues of Mongolian throat singing and faraway percussion. Cosey’s guitar is reborn as a long stare into the sun, while Sakata’s voice reaches for even farther stars, his saxophone strangling them until they gasp for darkness. The funk returns intermittently, only to fall into the earthly ooze from which it sprang.

Tyran Grillo (courtesy of the ECM Reviews website)