NARINA (single/sampler)

  1/  Narina                                     (Tuncboyaciyan,Tankian)       9.01
        Bill Laswell Remix
  2/  Narina                                     (Tuncboyaciyan,Tankian)       3.58
        Bill Laswell Remix/Radio Edit
  3/  Narina                                     (Tuncboyaciyan,Tankian)       5.32
        Album Version
  4/  Facing the Plastic                         (Tuncboyaciyan,Tankian)       3.50
        Mindless Self Indulgence Mix
  5/  Facing the Plastic                         (Tuncboyaciyan,Tankian)       3.46
        Album Version

          Original tracks produced by Arto Tuncboyaciyan and Serj Tankian
Arto Tuncboyaciyan and Serj Tankian: all instruments; Jenna Ross (1,2,3): voice.

          2003 - Sejical Strike/Columbia (USA), CAS 59628 (promo 12")
          2003 - Serjical Strike/Columbia (USA), CSK 59626 (promo CD)
Note: The CD was a sampler containing tracks 2 and 4 along with an album track and an 'overture' of tracks from the full-length Serart release.