1/  Saved                                       (Gira)                        4.00
  2/  Say No More (acoustic version)              (Gira)                        3.49
  3/  No Cruel Angel                              (Gira)                        4.26

          Tracks 1 and 2 recorded at Platinum Island, New York City and BC Studio,
            Brooklyn, New York
          Produced by Bill Laswell and Michael R. Gira
          Track 3 produced by Michael R. Gira
          Track 1 and 2 engineered by Robert Musso and Bruce Calder (Platinum Island)
            and by Martin Bisi (BC Studio)
          Assistant at Platinum Island: Oz Fritz
          Track 1 mixed by Jason Corsaro
          Track 2 mixed by Jason Corsaro and Oz Fritz
Michael Gira: vocal, guitar; Norman Westberg: guitar, banjo; Jarboe: vocal, keyboard; ADDITIONAL MUSICIANS - Bill Laswell: bass; Jason Asnes: bass; Virgil Moorefield: drums; Fred Frith: violin; Aiyb Dieng: percussion; Jeff Bova: additional keyboards.

          1989 - MCA (UK), MCA 1332 (7")
          1989 - MCA (UK), MCAT 1332 (12")
          1989 - UNI (UK),  DMCAT1332 (CD)
Note: The 7" only contains tracks 1 and 3.