1/  Prologue.Faust Scratches                                                 0.31
        Grand Wizard Theodore Speaks
  2/  MixMaster Mike/DJ Disk (live)              (MM,Quintanilla)              0.44
        Excerpt from the Innerhythmic album "Praxis - Warsawa"
  3/  Primo's Execution                          (CM,AW,RA,KB,JW)              3.18
        X-Ecutioners feat. DJ Premier
  4/  MixMaster Mike/DJ Disk (live)              (MM,Quintanilla)              1.04
        Excerpt from the Innerhythmic album "Praxis - Warsawa"
  5/  Re-Animator                                (Laswell,Aguilar)             1.25
        Rob Swift    
  6/  Interlude                                                                0.22
        MixMaster Mike speaks
  7/  Rockit 2.002                               (Hankcock,Laswell,Beinhorn)   8.28
        Herbie Hancock feat. MixMaster Mike, GrandMixer DXT, Rob Swift, QBert,
          Babu, Faust and Shortee
  8/  Interlude                                                                0.19
        Cut Chemist speaks
  9/  Turntable Transformer                      (Cat Fyve,Snayk Eye)          3.18
        Cat Fyve vs. Snayk Eyez
  10/ Interlude                                                                0.15
  11/ DJ Krush Live                              (Krush)                       0.56
  12/ Crazy 2 Crazy                              (Showard)                     4.18
        GrandMixer DXT
  13/ Interlude                                                                0.18
        DJ Shadow Speaks
  14/ Invasion of the Octopus People             (Quitevis,Quintanilla,Cruz)   3.11
        Invisibl Skratch Piklz
  15/ Interlude                                                                0.27
        Jazzy Jay and Afrika Bambaataa speak
  16/ All 4 One                                  (Stroman,Bambaataa)           1.33
        Boogie Boy/Kid Delight feat. Afrika Bambaataa
  17/ Interlude                                                                0.19
        Afrika Bambaataa speaks again
  18/ Skin Cracked Canals                        (Qunitanilla,Carroll)         5.06
        DJ Disk with Buckethead
  19/ Interlude                                                                0.20
  20/ Cut Transmitter                            (Laswell,Showard)             3.32
        GrandMixer DXT feat. Jerome "Bigfoot" Brailey and Jah Wobble
  21/ Universal Noize Maker                      (Eddie Def)                   2.33
        Eddie Def
  22/ Interlude.Faust Scratches                                                0.20
        QBert and MixMaster Mike speak
  23/ My Style                                   (Laswell,Aguilar)             2.49
        Rob Swift

          Created at Orange Music, West Orange, New Jersey
          Engineered by Robert Musso
          Assistant: James Dellatacoma
          Additional Technical Support: GrandMixer DXT
          Track 7 remixed by Bill Laswell
          Tracks produced by composer(s) except as noted
          Tracks 5,20 and 23 produced and arranged by Bill Laswell
          Track 9 produced by Billy Jam
          Track 12 produced by GrandMixer DXT
          Track 18 produced and arranged by DJ Disk and Buckethead
          Compiled and constructed from scratch by Bill Laswell
          Executive Producers: Brad Blondheim and Ernest Meza
          Motion Picture Music Supervision: Jonathan Hafter and Carol Sue Baker
          Material Inc.: John Brown
          Axiom: Bill Murphy
          Realization: Steven Saporta/Invasion Group
          Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper at Turtle Tone Studios, NYC

          2002 - Transparent Music (USA), 500172 (CD)


Scratch, the soundtrack to a turntablism documentary by Doug Pray, presents performances from some of the best DJs in history, all the way from Grand Wizard Theodore ("inventor" of the tweak scratch, who's heard explaining its origins during the intro) through to Young Turks like DJ Faust and DJ Disk. In between lie over 20 years of scientific madness, much of it (overly) informed by the soundtrack's compiler/constructor/producer, Bill Laswell, who's acted as turntablism's most important (or most connected) flag-waver ever since his 1996 Altered Beats compilation brought together far-flung mixers from New York's Prince Paul to San Francisco's DJ Q-Bert to Japan's DJ Krush. Except for a few interview snippets throughout, Scratch focuses mostly on tracks from the very best in the business: MixMaster Mike, Q-Bert, DJ Disk, Rob Swift, and even the often overlooked Grandmixer DXT. Highlights include "Skin Cracked Canals," a duet freakout featuring DJ Disk with guitar menace Buckethead, and "Rockit 2.002," an all-star jam on the 1982 Herbie Hancock classic - and commercial genesis of scratching - featuring half a dozen current DJs (MixMaster Mike, Rob Swift, Q-Bert, Faust, Babu, Shortee) cutting up over the original. True to form, several tracks from Laswell-related projects are recycled here. Still, give Laswell credit for a tight, entertaining compilation: There's no dead air here and, as difficult as it is to sustain energy for a project like this over the course of 45 minutes, he accomplishes the mission.

John Bush (courtesy of the All Music Guide website)