1/  Shri Durga                                 (Traditional,Sabbah)          11.13
      The Jagad Yoni Mix: Womb of the World
      Based on Raag Durga
  2/  Kese Kese                                  (Traditional,Sabbah)          6.13
      The Zindegi Meera Mix: Love Dreams
      Based on Raag Mishra Darbari
  3/  Mere Kaku                                  (Traditional,Sabbah)          12.34
      The Baba Bulley Shah & Baba Farid Mix: Gazelle Memories
      Based on Raag Mishra Vardhini
  4/  Maheshvara Yogi                            (Traditional,Sabbah)          10.10
      The Mount Kailash Mix: Waiting For Parvati
      Based on Raag Jog
  5/  Gangta Dev                                 (Traditional,Sabbah)          6.44
      The Prakriti - Purusha Mix: River of Mercury
      Based on Raag Bhairavi
  6/  Radhe Krishna                              (Traditional,Sabbah)          8.29
      The Sahajiya Rasa Lila Mix: Divine Pastime
      Based on Raag Kirvani
  7/  Durga Puja                                 (Traditional,Sabbah)          6.55
      The Nada Brahman Mix: Yoga of Sound
      Based on Raag Durga

          Vocals and instruments tracked by Randy Rood at Emeryville Recording Co.,
            Emeryville, CA
          Bill Laswell recorded at Orange Music, Orange, New Jersey
          PreTooled and engineered by Baba Larry Ji at Nasik Studios, Berkeley, CA
          Final engineering assisted by Bob "Buba" Appel
          Engineer at Orange Music: Robert Musso
          Production, composition, adaptation and mixation by DJ Cheb I Sabbah
          Mastered by Brian "Big Bass" K. Gardner at Bernie Grundman Mastering, 
            Hollywood, California
Ustad Salamat Ali Khan: vocals (1,4); Mala Ganguly: vocals (1,2,5,6,7); Ustad Sultan Khan: vocals (6), sarangi (1,3,4,6,7); Ustad Sharafat Ali Khan: vocals (1); Shafqat Ali Khan: vocals (1,2,5); Sukhawat Ali Khan: vocals (3); Scheherazade Stone: vocals (3); Elijah Opium : vocals (3); K. Sridhar: sarod (4,6,7); Ustad Habib Khan: sitar (5,6); Aziz Herawi: dutar (2); Ustad Tari Khan: tabla (1,2,3,5,6); Bill Laswell: bass (1,2,3,5); Kevin "Broun Fellini" Carnes: drums (3,5,6); Michael Irvine: tanbura (1,3,6,7); Yassir Chadly: bendir (1); Baba Larry Ji: dholak, tabla, Bass (6); DJ Cheb I Sabbah (uncredited): samples, other sounds.

          1999 - Six Degrees Records (USA), 657036-1009-2 (CD)


Many sample-happy turntablists and electronic composers have turned to India of late for inspiration, adding the sounds of bhangra, tabla and qawwali to their sonic palette, with mixed success. While Talvin Singh's OK stands out as one of the masterpiece albums of the nineties, too many others have parlayed India’s characteristic sounds to kitschy or gimmicky effect.

Cheb I Sabbah's Shri Durga is a great exception. While not quite so adventurous and forward-looking as OK, it goes straight to the beating heart of Indian music, the tabla, and mines a deep, spiritual groove. Produced entirely with live musicians, with flourishes of sitar and ambient sound, Cheb I Sabbah pays real tribute to these classical, ancient vibes. Head-bobbing bliss, from dance-floor to altar, Shri Durga will likely itself become a much-sampled source for DJs.

Christopher Frey (courtesy of the Outpost Magazine website)