This is an album of ambient dub translations of Tibetan monks, recorded in Milan, Italy and finished in New York City.

  1/  Generation Stage Awakening                 (Traditional)                15.54
  2/  Water Transformation.Chhu                  (Traditional)                7.39
  3/  Fire Channels.Me                           (Traditional)                15.12
  4/  Fluids Emanation.Khu.Wa                    (Traditional)                16.25
  5/  Absorbed Path                              (Traditional)                6.10
          Recorded at Bips Studio, Milan, Italy and Greenpoint Sudio, Brooklyn, NY
          Additional recording and mixing at Greenpoint Studio, Brooklyn, New York
          Engineered by Paolo Mauri and Eraldo Bernocchi
          Engineer at Greenpoint: Robert Musso
          Field researches: Eraldo Bernocchi
          Mix translation by Bill Laswell
          Produced by Eraldo Bernocchi and Bill Laswell
          Organized by Petulia Mattioli and Eraldo Bernocchi with the elemental
            touch of Bill Laswell
          Low Profile: Robert Soares
          Spiritual guidance: T.Y. Lama S. Gangchen and Tulku Rinpoche
          Mastered by Robert Musso
Ngawang Sherap, Lhawang, Jinpa, Kaldhen, Sherap, Jangchup & Yashi: vocals, Tibetan drums, bells, horns; Bill Laswell: bass; Eraldo Bernocchi: samples.

          1995 - Low (USA), LW002 (CD)